Swingpack or Pouch

  1. Do you like the new swingpack or should I get the pouch. I think the orange flower on it is adorable and cute for spring/summer. I kinda lean toward the swingpack because it stays on my body where ever I go.
  2. I typically am not into either but if I had to choose one it would be the swingpack. Too cute!!
  3. I personally would choose the swingpack because it's something that is very easy to carry around and you wouldn't have to worry about it.

    I really want to get one for when I go to Cedar Point!
  4. I have to say swingpack because I can't handle bags that I can't put over my shoulder.
  5. Agreed. I love having my swingpack to grab when I just need to take a few things and be hands-free.
  6. definitely the swingpack. :tup: To me the pouches are cute but they look like little girls purses or makeup bags.
  7. My daughter has the Swingpak and loves it. It leaves her hands free and she doesn't even have to remove it when she goes into a restaurant. No worries about putting your bag on a dirty table or on the floor!
  8. I pick the swingpack too!
  9. Definitely, swingpack!!! Its cute and very functional. I'm not into pouches.
  10. Well to be honest I like both, seen them at the Coach store today. I think you may could put more in the pouch than the swing pack so this may be some thing you want to think about. GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. I bought the swingpack today and it'd to die for!! Just an FYI, it's red:smile::smile: