Swingpack or Crossbody

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  1. I have never seen this, I was was just at coach.com & saw it, has anyone seen it in person, do you think it is equivalent to a Swingback but a bit nicer?

  2. i like the taffy better
  3. it's pretty tiny irl...so unless you're pretty petite, i would go with a swingpack (or the hippie).
  4. I didn't like it when I saw it. It looks disproportionate somehow
  5. it does look a little odd irl. i'm not a swingpack fan either, but i think the swingpack looks better.
  6. its actually about the same size as the swingpack. i dont like it though. i like the swingpacks
  7. The Sig Mini Crossbody is very petite. I think a Swing Pack is more functional but then again.. it depends on what you need the bag for. Personally, I don't like the Sig Mini Crossbody for myself... too small.
  8. IRL to me it seemed a bit small -- almost looked like it was made for a little girl. I love the Swingpacks -- just enough room for wallet, cell phone, lipstick, mints. :smile:
  9. The crossbody is not very cute IRL. And it won't hold as much as the swingpack.
  10. I actually liked it when I saw it at the store yesterday. I like that it's slouchier than the swingpack. However, it's much smaller than the swingpack so I'm sticking with my swingpacks for now. But if you're only carrying, say, keys and a mini-skinny and lip gloss or whatever, then I think it would be fine.
  11. The cross-body is teeny-tiny!! I like the swing-pack better...it will hold more.
  12. I just saw the taffy on Coach.com for the first time and I am in love!:heart:
  13. Swing-packs are much bigger than that cross-body and more stylish. It does look like it could have been made for a child. Trust me, when you see it you wont even bother to pick it up.
  14. i don't like the way it sits on my body. kinda 80's to me.
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