Swingpack coach purses

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  1. Can anyone tell me which swing pack purse is bigger than the real small ones?
  2. :welcome2: to tPF, cloeys!!

    Are you looking for a swingpack in one of the new styles or the older ones.

    I have an older one - it's a Bonnie swingpack & it's actually a good size & holds quite a bit since it has lotsa pockets.

    here's an pic of one like mine (NMA)

    the Poppy swingpacks hold a lot, too -- here's one so you get an idea (NMA)

  3. For the most part all the "swingpacks" are about the same size. Some have an outer pocket, some have a flap. The Parker Hippies and Madison Hippes are also great crossbody bags that are similar in style to the swingpacks but a little larger in size. Oh, and the Parker actually comes in 2 sizes.
  4. Don't forget the "groovy" ... it makes an excellent cross body too!