Swing trench

  1. What do you think of this trench? Too trendy?:confused1:
    swing trench.jpg
  2. sorry, too much for me. I'm sure it can last only one season, plus it's not very figure-flattering IMO.
  3. yep, waay too trendy to look cool.. I mean it doesn't even look good on the model :s
  4. Is that even considered trendy?

    It might look good on girls age five. :confused1:
  5. Swing coats can be lovely but not in a trench IMO. For a trench I'd go with something more classic.
  6. It would be very unflattering for my figure - large breasts. Maybe if you're very slim up top? Otherwise I think it would make you look like a tent.
  7. ^ ITA, I'm in the same boat with you. This would make me look quite... maternal.
  8. ^^^^it's tragic but true. Clothes just aren't being made right now for women with women's figures!

    I was in a shop trying on a dress the other night and my usual size didn't fit up top, couldn't get the zipper up! So I tried the next size up, which was fine up top, but then had masses of extraneous fabric swimming around me downstairs! And the SA said to me: yeah, you could probably just have that taken in. I was like, "Um, I'm not really in the habit of buying clothes that I then have to spend more money on so they'll fit properly!"

    Oh well, I guess I won't be buying any clothes this season - more money for bags :smile:
  9. Sometimes those tent-like clothing items make you look heavy...I always check the side view to see.