Swing Packs

  1. never really considered one of these until recently....if anyone has one can you post a photo?
  2. I don't have a pic of mine, but I have the khaki sig with the white leather trim. I use a skinny mini inside to hold my money, but I do love it, it's great when shopping because you can sling it across your body and it leaves you hands free.
  3. i would have bought the scarf one..if i didnt see it at first lol, it was too small and the suede looked shabby. otherwise i love the siggies with the dark brown leather stripe and trim.. for me its too small, and for that size i already have my burberry.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here is my old one on me ... it is quite small, it fits a mini skinny, digital camera, keys, lipstick, papers ... all of the essentials.
  5. THANKS! So much! I think I want one for shopping trips....
  6. ^ I went shopping this weekend and saw quite a few people with them- it makes it easier to shop because your hands are free but, I'm guessing!
  7. I have the Graphic signature swingpack in khaki/gold. I love it and use it almost every day.

    Here are some pics of it with the most stuff I've crammed in it:

    swingpack with stuff 1.JPG swingpack full inside.jpg swingpack full outside1.jpg

    Usually, I just carry a small wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, lipgloss.

    Also, if I use a mini-skinny instead of a wallet then I can fit a small water bottle in there.
  8. WOW! Those little buggers can fit a lot!

    I like the Big C's too, unfortunately they are not on the site anymore, except the stripe one....and thats red. I want something more versatile.
  9. I have this one....
  10. I wish I was tall enough to pull off one of these.. the one time I tried one on I felt like a 5th grader getting ready for a field trip.. so back onto the shelf it went LOL
  11. Even if you adjust the strap sparkles?

  12. LOL funny, I have never tried one one because the style is not for me... I would feel like a grandma wearing one :weird:
  13. Yup.. I'm only 5'4" :shame: I should've taken a picture.. I looked ridiculous. The SA & I had a good laugh over it. It's definitely not the most flattering style on me.

    And LOL Carly!! Your post just made me think of one of those power walking grannies :lol:
  14. I'm only 5'5"! Of course I don't carry it a lot either...just when I don't want to worry about holding a purse so I can throw it over me.
  15. I am really digging this swingpack. I didn't know you could fit so much in it.