Swing Packs

  1. Hi .. I am new to this forum and also pretty new to Coach. I am thinking of getting the signature stripe swing pack and pouch too.. I called the outlet at Chelsea Premium Outlet (North Georgia) and they told me that whatever that I can see at Coach website and the boutiques, would not be available at their store. She said they only carry stuff from one year ago and earlier .... is that true? :confused1:

    I am planning to go on July 4 to check it out ;).. usually for outlets, what is the minimum discount that they offer? like at least how many percent off?
  2. The Coach outlets do carry older versions of bags but they also have somethings they make just for the outlets which are quite nice. I'm sure you will find something you will really love. Good luck.
  3. The % off varies as to how long it has been there. Outlets are hours away and I havn't been since last sept but If I'm not mistaken a red swingback was going for 60 bucks last fall.

    Someone who knows what's there maybe able to chime in also look at eBay to get an idea of what's in the outlets.
  4. The outlets usually do have later bags, or bags that were made just to see how the do at the outlet. More than likely you may not find it there. Swingpacks at my outlet were $79 the last time I was there, but they were not the Legacy. Legacy may cost you more, even at the outlet.

    Good Luck on going on July 4th! I wanted too but I don't get paid until next week, and I am supposed to be saving money for a car!:crybaby:So have fun, who knows, you may find another one that you like better!

    Also, I sometimes don't (for lack of a better word) 'trust' the SA when I talk to them on the phone. One day I talked to a girl about a purse I wanted and she told me, 'absolutely do not have it, will not have it, it was not coming to the outlet, I was wasting my time etc.' and 2 hours later when I called and talked to someone else (I was actually going to complain about the first girl) the new lady told me they had had the bag I wanted for the last 2 weeks!
  5. More and more, the outlets are getting boutique stuff in sooner. There are many posts about some outlets having the SAME stuff as boutiques at the same time!
    Outlet pricing is actually very good. They start at about 20% off retail and then go from there. Most times, bags are at least 30-35% of retail.
    Good luck in your hunt!
    Oh, and WELCOME to tPF! :smile: