swing packs

  1. how much can u get in them? wallet, miniskinny, keys and phone basically?

    also i m v petite. i was thinking i could cut the leather shoulder guard thingy off so i could adjust it even smaller. would this work? would it make it look fake somehow? thanks
  2. I have the watercolor swing pack, but haven't really used it yet. It does seem to fit enough though. Probably more than you mentioned. It's a great bag for travel or a day out running errands when you dont' need ALL of your stuff.

    I wouldn't cut off anything from the bag unless you think you will keep it forever. You will have a hard time reselling it later if you decide and something is cut off. JMHO :smile:
  3. I actually recently got a steal on a swingpack. I plan to use it as a "bag within a bag" since I'm apt to carry huge totes (ok, luggage-sized totes. I admit it, I have issues!). It's nice to be able to pull out wallet, cell, etc in one place.
  5. I dont use them, but my Mom does and she loves them. She said looks are deceiving, because it holds alot more than you think. And she carries a crap load of stuff.
  6. I'm looking for one at a good price on eBay for our Disney World trip. I think it would be great for my license, park passes, credit cards, money etc. I think they are cute!
  7. bethie, I've seen some good deals on the hamptons python ones on eBay, I just got a black one for $60 with shipping
  8. I love mine for Disney trips - it is perfect. I can carry skinny mini, phone, camera, lip balm, and even sunnies.
  9. Court don't tell me that and then Bark you made me want one even more. I'm off to browse ebay!
  10. I paid a little less than that for the same bag, so there are amazing deals around.

    Perfect for a trip, honestly!
  11. I use my skinny as a wallet when I use my swingpack. Then it would have room to fit more things. Some SAs suggested me to clip a wristlet to the ring of the bag, and slip that into the front/back open pocket of the swing pack.
  12. I just got a nice deal (about $86) for a sig multistripe swing pack on eBay. I did look at them in the boutique, and I really do think they'd hold all you'd need for just about any casual outing. They were bigger in person than I thought they'd be. You can definitely get a small camera in there, money, credit cards, ID, keys, maybe a notepad, and even a couple of makeup essentials. If I'm going to the fair, the zoo, whatever, I like to have something small and light that just hangs there where I can almost forget about it.

    We're going to a convention in about a week and a half, and I think it'll be PERFECT for that. I won't need to lug a full-size bag around, since it'll mostly take place in the hotel we'll be staying in anyway, and I'll only need to carry around immediate essentials while I walk through the expo, etc. I'll also probably use it for our Disney World vacation in the spring. I can't think of anything more perfect than a swing pack for times like that, when there will be a lot of walking to do!
  13. I love my Swingpacks, I have three. Usually when I carry them, I skip the wallet and use a mini-skinny, I can also fit my camera (I have a small Canon powershot), cell phone and lip gloss/lip balm. Oh and a foldable brush from Sephora (that has a mirror).

    I actually think that Swing Packs look odd if you put to much stuff in them, but that's just me.

    I wouldn't cut the shoulder thing off...for reasons mentioned above, but it's really designed to be a cross-body bag, you'd really only gain about 5 inches at the most.