Swing Pack...Which one do you like? Pics

  1. I bought the Black Hamptons Swing Pack (see pic) at the outlet the other day, but now I wonder if it is too plain and I'm not sure I like the GOLD hardware...should I go for a "cuter" one....like this:http://i12.ebayimg.com/04/i/000/8a/05/0a77_1.JPG

    Please help me decide...even if it isn't one of these two...should I keep the black one or go for a more "noticeable" one??
  2. I got a silver/black signature swingpack at the outlets in Feb. I love that one. BUT its whatever you like best. Personally I couldn't pull off the red.
  3. Depends on your wardrobe I suppose but I like the look of the red better.
  4. I like both, I like the pocket on the red one. I just got a cute one at Macy's. But the black will go with alot of outfits.

    While I am usually anal about matching wallets and stuff to my bag, I had to draw the line at the hardware/jewelry thing or I would drive myself bonkers (even though it still secretly irks me. LOL)
  5. I did not know the black was at the outlets! My niece (16) has been begging me to get her a messenger bag from Coach. Hmm- thanks for the information
  6. I vote for the black!
  7. I love love the red but the black would deff go with more.
  8. I don't really like the red that much, so I say keep the black.
  9. Red goes with BOTH black and brown, and it adds some punch. I have a red purse and a red wallet, and I adore them both. It's always nice to add color to the collection!
  10. I love love love the red....it is harder to find than the black....I say keepi t!!
  11. With my plainer legacy bags I find a nice scarf on the handle really dresses them up , it adds a little color and flair to the bag or add a charm on the hadnle , I personally like the red bag it is not plain to me jsut very complementary to what ever outfit you wear
  12. Id go with the Black
  13. I personally dont like the red with the tan straps.

    I have a black leather Hampton Swing with nickel hardware and I love it!
  14. Love the black one..
  15. I have the red one (and a light blue pebbled one) so I'll have to vote for the red. Red goes with so much more than you might think :yes: