Swing Pack vs Hip Bag

  1. Hello. Okay, in your EXPERIENCED opinions: which one is better/more versatile...the Swing Pack or the Hip Bag...say for taking on a day trip, vacation, shopping, amusement park, etc...? What are the pros &/or cons of each?
    Thanks, Ladies!
  2. honestly, i'm not a fan of the hip bag. i would definately go with a swingpack- the security of having it crossbody is worth it, imo.
  3. that and you can wear the swing pack 3 ways.

    1. on your shoulder
    2. cross body
    3. around your hips*

    *hmm...well...I guess that depends on your size...but I've made the strap short, and worn it around my hips (with the strap going through at least one belt loop so I don't lose it) while at disney last year.
  4. Thanks...that's great info to know! I didn't know you could wear the swing pack different ways! COOL! Thanks so much.
  5. i have the swing pack and i think its gonna be great for Disney next week for me..so i vote for the swing pack! plus its super light and that a bonus if i'm gonna be in the sun all day too i dont want something super heavy!
  6. I have a swing pack and use it all the time. They are great. I got it for an upcoming trip to Disneyland and I think it will be perfect for that, but it's also great for small trips like grocery shopping around town or when I need my hands free. Hip bags are good, but kind of look like you already on vacation.
  7. I have a leather hampton swing pack and love it.

    I am not a fan of wearing hip packs. They are just uncomfortable to me:shame: