Swing Pack vs Duffle? Your Opinions, Please

  1. I am still trying to decide what to get to carry at theme parks/the zoo/etc... I thought I wanted a swing pack, but today at the Children's Museum I saw this lady walking around with her Coach Signature Duffle (Black) worn cross-body. It looked great, and can hold much more than the swing pack. What do y'all think...should I stick with the Swing Pack or go for the Duffle (smaller one...NOT the Medium)???
    Thanks so much!
  2. I have two swingpacks and 2 duffles. I love them all and use them equally but it really depends on what you think you'll be carrying. The swingpacks are great for when I'm doing short outings to the park with my son or walking the dog, when I only need to carry my cell, keys, and a mini-skinny or small wallet. The duffles are better for things like sightseeing or longer outings when I want to carry a small water bottle, digital camera, guidebook or bird book, etc. In the long run, I'd say the duffle is maybe the better choice since you have the option of just carrying a little bit in it or carrying more stuff, and also because it's more versatile since you can wear it cross-body or shorten the strap and use it as a shoulder bag. Also the duffles are slightly less casual-looking than most of the swingpacks.
  3. I agree, I love the swing packs and I would love to actually be able to use one. But I know that I need more room than they allow. I actually have one of the duffles and wear it across body all the time. I think as long as you got one in a darker color, taking it to theme parks and such wouldn't be a problem and then it would also be versitile with your clothes.

    I know that when I go to places like theme parks, etc, etc, I like to take more stuff than a swing pack would ever allow. I say go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If you decide to stick with a Swing Pack, I'd get the Signature Stripe one - it seems just a tiny bit bigger than the regular swing packs.
  5. Duffle. Since you have children, you may have extra necessities to keep around. The swing pack may be too small and slim.
  6. i love the duffle. I use it for travelling. the swing is just kind of small for me.
  7. Thanks, ladies! I am agreeing with y'all about the duffle being the bag for me. I NEED to be able to carry around more 'stuff' than the swing pack would be able to carry. If I am going to just take a FEW items, I can carry my Demi or Wristlet.
    Thanks so much!!! Now...to buy a Duffle! :graucho:
  8. I have the khaki signature duffle and i love it *-* i can carry many things.
  9. Duffle. I love them and want one!!! I have a swingpack and can't fit that much in it, so it mostly sits in its dustbag :crybaby:
  10. great now I want a duffle. I have a swing pack and I do like it. I use it when we go to Disneyland. We use a stroller with my youngest so we put the water bottles and bigger items in that. The trip to Disneyland was for a week and the swing pack was great you could hardly feel it. Honestly, anything bigger would have been to much for a week. I just kept the things I would need, room key, money, tickets, cell phone and band aids.
    For a one day trip or a field trip the duffle looks great. I think I need one now but not to in love with any on the website. Maybe when they add new spring items.
  11. ^^^That's one thing I really love about my swingpacks - they're soooo lightweight. I barely feel it when I'm carrying it.
  12. I have two swing packs that I use and I carry quite a lot...cell phone, cigs, ligher, gum, ID, money are always with me. I find the duffles to be to bulky when I go to casinos and while in ports while cruising...I find the swing pack the perfect size.
  13. I think it would work, however my Duffle won't go cross-body, and I don't like the current styles of the duffles (I liked the buckles on them better).

    Duffle will definitely hold more than a Swing Pack though.

  14. Ditto.
  15. i'm so glad i found this thread because i'm getting a duffle tomorrow (thank you pce!)...
    here's her picture...i have the swing pack in the denim patchwork and it's larger than some of the other ones, but, the duffle carries a lot more...and the strap really lengthens a lot to wear it "cross body"...