Swing Pack Questions

  1. Ok, so I've decided my next purchase is a swing pack. I don't feel right carrying my Soho sm. flap back and forth to work..I'd like to keep it for "out" days, if you know what I mean.

    My wristlet isn't big enough for my checkbook etc, OR my mini skinny. So yea..swing pack it is!

    Can you tell me, are they all the same size? And this question will be a matter of choice but, leather or signature? I simply LOVE the khaki and punch signature stripe, but I'm worried I wouldn't wear it much with the pink even though it calls to me. And I'm drooling over the leather w/sig stripe on Macy's website but I don't want a white strap (with tan bag)...and don't want all black either LOL.

    I guess I just don't know what I'd get the most use out of, and it's going to be my daily "drag sh*t back and forth" bag.
  2. [​IMG]
    I just got my first one today, I got this one, wow not alot of room in there but it will work for what I need it for! I love the signature so that is what I went with!
  3. That is SO cute! All I really need is room for my checkbook, chapstick, mini skinny and (flat) nail kit, not that I need to carry that every day. But every bag I have so far doesn't work for daily stuff like this unless I want to destroy my Soho. And nope, don't wanna do that :biggrin:

  4. I have this same swingpack!!! I love it so much!
  5. My very first coach was this swing pack in the picture. I love it and it holds everything I need, and I even carry my wristlet in there too! I bought mine at Macy's. The retail was about $140 I believe and when I went to buy it it was 25% off!!! Plus I got an additional 15% off for my first Macy's charge! I paid $96 for it! I was very happy lol

    Here is my pic.....plz excuse the mess in the background!

  6. this is my swing pack and it was great for me when I went to Disney and Universal Studios a couple of weeks ago. It was just big enough to hold what i needed it it!

  7. I love my Sig/White swing pack (it's the same as the one you are thinking about getting, diff color.) i like the white b/c i can use it probably every season!
  8. I have a couple of swing packs. They are the best for vacations and if you don't carry too much on a daily basis.
  9. I got that swingpack in chocolate brown for xmas!
  10. I sold my black nylon swing to a friend, I didn't really like the nylon, I want a nice leather one. I am so short though, I need one with a good adjustable strap.
  11. This is my daughters. I have carried it several times and even in Vegas for walking the strip and doing stuff during the day. It held my wallet, cell phone, some make-up, etc. It was great! You'll love it if you get it.
    Obviously, by looking at my collection, I love signature so that's what I'd recommend. :smile:

  12. I'm short too :smile: That's why I'm liking the versatility the straps offer.

    I'm surprised the coach site doesn't have any in leather (and ohhh if they made a legacy swing pack *droool*) but that macy's one seems almost perfect if I opt for leather.
  13. I have a sig. swingpack and I like it for when I am down on the strip, or on vacation. For me it can't be an everyday bag because I am a bit compulsive about having everything I might even possibly need with me at all times! But it is so light and I am less worried my wallet and stuff when it is right next to me.
  14. I love the swingpacks! I think I'll get one as my second purchase (I still have to make my first ;) .)
  15. To answer your question, NO they are not all the same size, they are pretty close but about an inch or two off.

    I have had two. One like Nicole2112 posted and the new sig stripe one. And the sig stripe one is alot bigger which is better IMO. The opening is wider so you have an easier time getting your stuff in and out. Also it has two open pockets, one on each out side of the purse where the smaller one just had one. And some don't have that outside pocket. Also the strap lengths are different:

    sig stripe/multi stripe - 7.5 x 8.5 - two outside pockets - 47" strap
    reg sig - 7 x 8.5 - one outside pocket - 44" strap
    watercolor/patchwork - 7 x 8.5 - one small zip outside pocket - 44" strap
    optic - 8 x 8.5 - one outside pocket - 46" strap

    So according to the site, the optic is the biggest but the sig stripes have the longest strap and more space w/the two outside pockets.

    Hope this helps!

    Oh and I have seen them in leather at the outlets and IMO, they're not as cute as sig.

    If you want something slightly bigger, you can always get the sig stripe camera bag:

    45” adjustable strap - 6 3/8 (L) x 8 1/8 (H) x 3 3/4 (W)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]