Swing Pack and Accordion Zip-Around Wallet or Mini Skinny Questions.

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  1. I have been wanting to get a Signature Stripe Swing Pack forever and since my birthday is coming up and my parents and I are traveling overseas this summer. I thought it would be pefect to ask for a Swing Pack. I do want your colour opinions though, Khaki and Chocolate Brown or Black and White, both with patent trims. I'd consider the White trim but I'm scared it will get dirty too easily at school and I just hate the Pale Blue trim, it looks too tacky in my opinion. Which would be best for a 13 years old?

    And since I love all my handbags and wallets to be matchy-matchy, I was thinking about getting a wallet too and since I recently lost my wallet at school. I can't deicide which to choose between, Accordion Zip-Around Wallet or Mini Skinny. Both Signature Stripe to match my Swing Pack, of course. Which one do you think would be better? How much can the Mini Skinny store? Does the Accordion Wallet come in Khaki and Chocolate Brown? I didn't see it in that colour on the Coach site. And I want my Swing Pack to match my wallet.

    And if anyone has the price of the Swing Pack, Accordion Zip-Around Wallet and Mini Skinny in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore or Canada. All in the Signature Stripe, it would be greatly appreciated! Also pictures would be appreciated!
    Thank you!
  2. Bump!
  3. i have the white trim and i love it. great for anytime of the year. the white material is like a slick nylon sort of material. i was at a restaraunt a few weeks ago and waitress near me dropped a tray and little bit of tea got on the white stripe. when i got home it came off with some soap and water. i bet a shout wipe would have worked too. but i love my white stripe sig swing pack! it's great! you obviously don't want to drag it in grease or anything, but as far as small stains go, i think it's ok
  4. The mini skinny and the zip accordion are no where near the same in size and capacity to compare to each other. I honestly don't believe an accordion would fit right in a swing pack with other stuff in it. You probably don't need the zip accordion anyways since you're only 13. The mini skinny holds some paper money folded, an ID, and a credit card.

    As for the colors, if you fear it getting dirty, then get the black/black or the khaki/brown.
  5. I have an accordion zip around wallet and it is way too big for a swing pack. It's a great wallet for someone like me who has receipts, credit cards, frequent buyer cards. I think it's just too cumbersome for a 13 year old to lug around. Young women tend to have smaller bags and smaller accessories. A skinny mini might be just want you need. You don't have to match things exactly for it to look good together. Look at different options on the Coach site and I am sure you will find something that makes you happy.
  6. you are 13 so i would suggest the mini skinny.
  7. i have a mini skinny i use with and swing pack and all the time actually. right now i have:
    4 cards, some cash, coins, bobby pins, hair tie, and a stick of gum.
    in my swing i have:
    mini skinny
    video ipod
    cell phone
    lip gloss
    pack of gum
    small hand lotion

    i think a swing pack and a mini skinny would be perfect. i have the Hamptons spring patchwork mini skinny, that has all the patterns, it goes with everything!

  8. Coach in Singapore and Malaysia is very exp. I know Hong Kong is much cheaper.:yes:
  9. I just noticedthat you mentioned 3 Asian countries, and then Canada. LOL I think Canada is an odd one to thrown in, unless that's where you are from. Hong Kong would be cheaper.
  10. I lived in Canada right now so I just wanted to compare prices with the other countries. And find out where it would be cheaper to buy.

    Thanks for your replies. I'm pretty disappointed that the Accordion Wallet won't fit in the Swing Pack. I really love the design of it. Is there any room left in the Swing Pack if I do get a Accordion Wallet? Is it really bulky?
  11. the accordion wallet is rather large, so the swing pack will not zip. It's too thick. My accordion is jam packed full and will not zip and it barely fits in my speedy 30.

    Maybe you should look at the multifunction wallet. It's smaller in size but still has more function than the mini skinny.
  12. at 13 I would get the mini skinny its more practical for your age.
  13. Aw, that's a shame that the Accordion Wallet won't fit. It's so pretty.
  14. Thank you all, for the replies.

    I don't like the camera bag much, it looks bulky.

    Are their any more wallets in the Signature Stripe collection other then the Accordion Wallet and Mini Skinny?

    Does anyone have pictures of the Mini Skinny? I would love to see some.