Swing broke while I was swinging

Jun 16, 2006
Hope this is okay to post here. I took ds to the park early this morning and I was swinging while he was swinging and it broke on me! I flew in the air and came straight down on my behind and hand! When I looked at the chain, the top ring was rusted and thin. This is a modern park too. I called Parks/Rec and reported it(left a message, no one was there). I was more embarrassed than anything. I'm also glad it was me and not a child! I have to say that my ribs, my a$$, my leg, my wrist and arm all hurt. I'm even having some cramping. I'm nervous that maybe I hurt myself internally or something as I came down with such force or do you think it will go away with some rest?


✯ mathemagician ✯
Nov 4, 2006
Oh nooo!! I am sorry this happened to you :sad: Depending on how bad the pain is, I would go to see a doctor tonight or tomorrow.

Also, were there signs posted with age/weight limitations? If not, then you might want to see a doctor so he can record your injuries. This might be lawsuit material...

Hope you feel better soon :heart: