Swimwear that looks like lingerie...

Oct 9, 2008
does it exist?

I look smashing in a bra and panty set:shame:...but swimwear just looks so blah on me. Do you know of any designers or stores or brands that carry anything that looks like lingerie?

Mainly, balconet/balcony style tops and bottoms that are "cheeky" without being string and superlow?

Does anyone else have this problem or did I make it up in my head? :wacko:


May 18, 2007
I understand what you mean about lingerie looking better than swimwear, but isn't that kind of the point of swimwear? The beach, pool, etc. is still a public place and lingerie is typically worn in private - thus the distinction between swimwear and lingerie. Swimwear has to have some functionality and practicality (like lining to "hide" things, stronger seams to keep things in place, material that tolerates water/sun/sand, etc.) and that's probably what takes away some of the sexiness.
Anyway, I saw some really cute balconette-style tops in the latest Victorias Secret catalog that came in the mail. How about something like this:


Feb 11, 2011
ITA about "blah" swimwear. I just bought a nursing swimsuit that is very blah. Personally, I like cute swimwear that fits like lingerie (just doesn't look like lingerie) with polka dots and fun prints. :P So I would recommend Freya and Fantasie. I wish I could wear argent provacateur, la perla, and d&g swimwear, but their styles just don't offer the support I need!

Try Neiman Marcus and Saks for agent provocateur (or all 3 brands for that matter). If you can't find something you like online, they sell these brands in stores. Good luck!