Swimwear sizing help please!

  1. Hi ladies!

    I found this adorable bathing suit.. but alas, the style is from several seasons ago (apparently) and it seems to be only carried by one boutique online. Unfortunately, that means I have to either size down or up because they are out of stock of my usual size (small). What should I do? I'm not even sure I am a small in the brand-- I just assumed I was because I am a small in every brand I've ever worn. Is it safe to size down for bathing suits or would that mean risking showing everything at the beach? :shame: I am also in the process of losing weight but I don't even know if I would be a xs after I reach my goal. I'm a pretty curvy girl (imo). Should I just size up? The one time I sized up was for Juicy because I *had* to have the bathing suit and they only had a medium and it was 75% off! However, every time I went into the water, my bottom would slip down because it was too big.. :sad:

    Please help ladies! Any advice would be wonderful!

    PS. Before you ask.. "What is this crazy beezy doing, asking for swimwear help when it's the middle of winter?!!" I am doing this as motivation for my weight loss. LOL Laugh all you want but hasn't anyone seen the commercial for Yoplait yogurt where the girl hangs her bikini on the door until she wears it? And there's a song too! "She wore an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini..." :p
  2. I would size down if you're in the process of losing weight anyway. I think it would be better if the suit is a little tight than if the bottom of it is falling off of you when you're in the water, although neither of those are good things. Lol. I've seen that Yoplait commercial too and i really understand why you're shopping for swimwear in the wintertime. It's a tough decision though, although I'd still say to size down.....there's always a chance it won't fit right or it'll be a little too tight but there's nothing worse than having your bikini bottom fall right off because the bikini bottoms are too big. Good luck with your sizing decision. I hope whatever size you choose fits. = )
  3. Thank you mcb100!! :love: I thought so too but wasn't sure because I have a pretty.. um.. substantial backside (LOLLL :biggrin:) and I don't want any plumber action going on.