Swimwear Deals?

  1. Hey girls...
    Need some help. I'm taking my mom to Jamaica in the middle of May. So I've looked at all the tripadvisor pictures and figure I'm going to need to buy about 3-4 swimsuits. I have one... ;( I'm not a swimmer. It's RL and never been worn and has a little skirt, but it looks like all people wear down there is beachwear. I'm not comfortable in a bikini (i don't think); I mean it wouldn't be too bad...but I'm D cup and I doubt anything going to be really supportive. I'm a label whore...yup... I don't want to be extremely covered up like a nun; or so I won't fit in... (with all these crazy cover ups and accessories)

    Where can I start my search and hopefully with some deals? These are ones that I've thought about thus far....

    This one is ok...i liked the ruffles..

    I'd have to try this one on; Looks like it may not give enough support

    Plus with the cost of these things, if I need 3-4...I'm going to be out of a grand!
  2. Old Navy has some great, affordable suits. I bought a few last year and they held up great.

    You could also try Target, I don't think the quality is as good - but they have affordable stuff. The mossimo stuff is made way better than the xhilaration brand....

    Finally Victoria's Secret has some good stuff on sale here and there - but they are usually more on skimpy side...
  3. I bought one at Marshall's yesterday for $20. I also bought one at Kohl's (I know they don't have designer brands, but this one supports).
  4. Marshalls and TJ maxx have some great deals..
  5. I just bought a swimsuit at Victorias Secret for less than $20 you could try there, they have cute cover ups and skirts as well=)
  6. I like wearing brand names, too. But when I was pregnant with my second son and had to go to Aruba, I went to Kohl's and bought myself regular swimming suits for $20-25 (a couple of sizes bigger than my regular size). People were complementing me on my suits not expecting them to be so cheap. The fabrics and patterns were amazing and they looked like a million bucks. You should try everything.
    I just came back from Aruba again and before leaving went to Saks to get something new. I was very disappointed with the selection they had, and many brands did not fit me well (I am a C-cup and size XS). I wound up buying VIX (never heard of that brand) our of desperation for $150, because Missoni, D&G and Moschino did not fit me right either up or down.
    I have Malia Mills swimming suit: it's great. You should try her designs if you live in NYC. She makes separates and have underwires in her bras.
  7. Hey guys...thanks so much... I found some stuff at bluefly and vs. I'll try them on and hope that they work. I got some tankinis as well as some "miracle" bra halter top ones... it said it went from b-dd... so we'll see.

    I wanted to find something at shirley's; but they didn't have much. I saw a cute Juicy cover up at revolve...finally something I can use my 30% "first time' "10th time discount on.
  8. I am having the same problem. The stuff at Target ran REALLY small. I usually wear a small-med and the medium was SKIN TIGHT! My marshalls and tj maxx had NO suits which is strange!! I can't wait too late though. Maybe J Crew will have something. Anybody know any coupon codes for J Crew???
  9. I only buy Gottex and saw it there when buying Juicy. Would rather try them on in the store but that is only me. Nothing beats a high quality suit, it is something I don't skimp on.
  10. How about J crew...always some on sale online.
  11. JCrew use coupon fs0218 for free shipping.!