Swimwear (bikini) question

  1. Do they make bikini bottoms with high-cut legs anymore? I'm not talking about the super high-cut legs of the 1980s/90s, but sort of mid-rise cut legs? For us petite ladies, the hipster/low-cut bottoms are not always flattering because they don't lengthen the legs like the higher-cut styles used to.
    Here's sort of an example:
    That Vix bottom is described as having "low rise with high-cut sides." It's cute, but I'm not crazy about the leather detail.
  2. I'm not sure what brands you are looking for, but I find the F21 bikinis a lot more high cut than the Juicy couture ones and way higher cut than the victoria secret ones. :smile: I also find myself having to alter bikini bottoms (the back part) because they are so big.. especially with the Juicy couture ones.

  3. I think in general the styles tend to lean more towards hipster bottoms, but I've seen some cute higher cut styles on Shopbop. I got one from H&M so that might be worth a look as well. Also, side tie bottoms tend to work better for me (I'm short). You can kind of tie them at whatever point on your hip works if that makes sense.
  4. Check out www.figleaves.com they have some great styles. Their sale selection is really good. I bought some great mix and match things for my daughter last year. Go to the outlet section and do a price low to high, prices start at $3.00 for great pieces. J Crew also used to have the type of bottoms you like.
  5. The only place I can think of is American Apparel but I think theirs are definitely the very exaggerated 80's style ones.

    I second the idea about tie-side ones, I love them, I find that hipster ones make me look a horrible shape.
  6. Luv Vix Bia. The bikini elastic sides+gold ring details are adjustable so you could raise/slide (respectively) them depending on how much hi-rise look you like. Kim k. wears it high.
  7. Yeah, I definitely don't want the 80s style - been there, done that...
  8. Here's a disclaimer, I work for ViX, and we always get a lot of bikini fit questions. The best piece of advice I can give for petite women is, yes, a high cut bottom is great but as those are a bit harder to find, a "brasilian cut" bottom gives you that same effect on the back side. Less is more with smaller women because too much fabric will overwhelm you. The BIA bottom is adjustable, yes, or you could also try a ripple style, which is the most daring cut. Good luck, hope you find the right one! Summer isn't over yet!

  9. ^Thanks for the advice, but at 40 years-old, I think that I'll leave the "brasilian cut" to the 20 year-olds:p
  10. Have you tried victoria secret? I"m in my mid-40s and have bought several bikinis from them. They offer different style bottoms and I like the fact you can mix and match top and bottom sizes. I have other far more expensive bikinis but I have to say I get the most compliments from the cheaper Victoria Secret ones.
  11. ^Yes, I've actually been purchasing VS for years now. They follow the trend though, so most of the bottoms are low-cut, hipster styles. For the last few summers, I mix and match various bikini tops with the VS V-string bottoms because they offer me a decent fit (still not very high-cut, but they look okay).