1. Does anyone know where I can buy some stylish swimming goggles?

  2. Stylish or practical? Goggles aren't typically too stylish...

    Speedo has great ones, Nike, and some called Sweedish (but those hurt a bit)
  3. I want a pair that has really dark lenses.
  4. ^ Speedo will have some. I swam outdoors growing up forever and they had quite a few :smile:
  5. I also have Speedo. I have the black tinted ones because the sun hurts my eyes.
  6. Thank you for all your help.
  7. Of course!! Any other swimming questions let me know- that is my speciality!!! :flowers:
  8. I just got a pair from Nike- they're pink and they work great, but they're probably not good if you want dark ones..
  9. Thanks. It's just too hot to do cardio in the summer, I need to switch it to swimming again.
  10. Swimming is great cardio and great for every part of your body work-out wise!!
  11. My kids say Speedo works the best. I buy new ones every year and those are the only ones they like.
  12. I say speedo too!:biggrin:
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