Swimming puppies!

  1. Has anyone ever taught their toy dog how to swim before?

    I decided to try today and see if I could teach my two Chi's, Eclair and Faye, how to swim. Faye has run and taken a dive into a pool before and paddled around, which scared the beegezus out of me and I completely wasn't expecting it. She wasn't in there but for a second since SO jumped in to get her, but she paddled around, so I figured she could swim pretty well. So I filled up my bath tub to the halfway point. I placed Faye in and let her walk around to get comfy, then Eclair. Then I filled it up past their heads with luke warm water. Faye swam like a pro, though she got water everywhere :p She seemed to have too much fun :rolleyes: Eclair...more like a brick...she flailed her legs around and couldn't get the paddling motions down, so I took her out and gave her a treat anyway; it was a good try! Eclair is a bit taller than Faye, so her feet could kinda touch the bottom, which made her try to jump up and down more than anything else. Now they're running around the living room in mad circles, because for some reason water baths make my Chi's hyper beyond belief! :p

    I'm not entirely comfortable taking two Chi's to the beach, although in life preservers, when one of them can't seem to swim. Does anyone have any tips to help Eclair learn how to swim like her sis?

    I'm probably overreacting, and Eclair probably doesn't need to learn how, but I'd feel more comfortable if she could in case something were to happen (if she were to escape her leash, slip out of her lifejacket, very unlikely but Mom-worry worthy stuff :rolleyes:)
  2. Neeya, my dog cannot swim either... she is terrified of water....
    have been trying to teach her to swim but not too successful....
    would love to hear from dog swimming training expert on how to do this the right way....
  3. Wish I could help you but the one time I got into the pool and tried to teach my little guys how to swim, they HATED it :sad:
  4. Well, both of my dogs hate the bath, and I really wanna try swimming with them. I was going to get a kiddie pool and life-jacket to see if Maya liked it, but we are in an apartment now.
  5. My dog can't swim either. He hates the water so much. I tried filling the tub with water once, but he got scared one his legs got into the water halfway and splashed water all over the place.
  6. Some breeds just don't take to water or swimming.I had a Min-Pin that loved my inground swimming pool so much I had to lock him up everytime I had a pool party or he'd be right up in the mix :lol:,but he wasn't your typical doggie.Tucker passed away 4rys ago but that little guy was a swimming pool fool.He use to run to the edge of the diving board,jump in and swim up to the steps then do it all over again.I think he enjoyed the pool more than us humans.

    We have two chi's and a min-pin now,none are crazy about swimming but I have managed to teach the two older dogs to swim to the steps if they ever fall in by accident.My new little girl has started her training and I hope she catches on as quickly as the other two.

    Please be advised that chlorine & pool chemicals in general can cause skin problems for your dogs.If you want to give your small doggies a bit of water activity or a place to cool off once in a while invest in a plastic kitty pool that's low enough for them to jump in and out of easily.Use only fresh water and change it daily.If you dog doesn't care for water or swimming don't force the issue as it can cause trama and behavorial problems.

    Be careful when taking your small dogs to beaches they can overheat easily on a sunbaked beach even under umbrellas.Life jackets are great but small dogs can be injured by breaking waves,they simply aren't built to handle ocean currents.Walking your dog along the waters edge is great fun but it's best to have them on a leash at all times.
  7. I was told that all dogs can swim. Some like the water, some don't. My dachs doesn't like to swim, but if it's really hot he likes to "wade" where the water is shallow.
  8. I would never let my dog go into a pool intentionally. Faye only went in one time because she jumped. She was with SO; it never would have happened on my watch. And I would never force the swimming issue on them. I assure you I am fully prepared for the beach with my dogs, and know exactly what to do for them. Not only do they have their own enclosed beach hut, but they also have sunscreen. My dogs are always on a leash in open areas. I take every precaution with my Chi's. They are my children.

    Your assumptions are a bit condescending :hrmm: What do you think I'm going to do, pitch them head first into the ocean? :confused1:
  9. My beagle can't swim. When he was a puppy, he fell into the pool and he started sinking like a rock. My mom had to jump in and get him.
  10. I have never tried to take my two chi's swimming. They are ok when I give them a bath (which is in a sink), so I am not sure. When I lived in the states, I only had my girl chi at the time, I bought her a life vest because when I visited my parents we were going to go out on a boat and I wasn't sure if she could swim. I think that it is really cool that you are trying to teach them to swim. Good Luck!!
  12. My first thought is that you were trying to make them pull you on your kayak. LMAO:roflmfao:
  13. Hi-hooo Chihuahuaaaaaaa AWAY!!!!!!!

    I'd make it about...2 inches...:roflmfao:
  14. Doggie beach slippers you say... I'll have to look more into that, not for the beach but for the hot pavement.
  15. I always thought all dogs could swim. One of my dogs can't swim. If I put her in the pool, she just spins around and goes under. My other dog loves to swim. He loves the beach and waves.