swim suit coverups

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  1. What do you guys wear on your way to the beach/pool?
  2. I just got this polo dress at the Polo outlet near me...its navy blue with a light blue player...I really like it and its easy to take off (no unbuttoning, unzippering, etc). But then again, my pool is right in my backyard so its not really a far walk at all lol! I also have this sheer-ish pink one that dries out really quickly so I wear that like after I just got soaked in the pool, lol!

    If you're looking for one, maybe places like forever 21 would have them-----they had a lot of shirtdress type things when I went there a few days ago..
  3. i find pareos are easy to put on and remove, are comfortable and versatile. i just have 2-one in solid color and the other in print. i usually tie them over the bust or waist when i get to/leave the beach/pool. when i'm away on vacation, i've also worn them out at night as a dress or skirt for a casual dinner.
  4. I wear a shear tunic in the same color as my bathing suit.
  5. Usually a miniskirt and a tank top.
  6. a little dress, or a mini skirt or a pair of shorts and a top!
  7. a fabulous kaftan. not some nasty 1970's one but something fabulous & sexy. I have a TDF Kors one & a super cute Alessandro Dell'aqua one too.

    I'f you're looking for one try ;

    :: Sexy Kaftans ::

    I think they ship internationally.
  8. ^^^ great site! super cute!
  9. beaded tunic or sundress
  10. Depending on which beach, it'll be a JCrew hooded tunic or a cotton Pucci kaftan.
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