swift vs clemence

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  1. same color same size same metal: which do you pick?
  2. Depends on the bag. Kelly retourne: swift. Birkin: probably clemence.
  3. Depends on the bag. If it's a Lindy, then swift.
  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. One of each? :shrugs: They are so different it's hard to pick a favorite but I agree that it depends on the bag.
  6. depends on the bag, size and color.
  7. :girlsigh:I think Lindy looks best in swift!
  8. yikes.:sos:
  9. Perhaps you can share more details with us and then we can be more useful.

  10. i cant --the walls have eyes:sneaky:
  11. If it's for a Lindy >> Swift. Much lighter and less strain on the shoulders.

    If it's for a Birkin >> Clemence over Swift any time, for a bit more structure, although both are very souple leathers.

    If it's for a retourne Kelly (these 2 leathers are not possible for sellier Kelly) >> also Clemence over Swift.

  12. Mrssparkles: is it mainly because of structure in your opinion? honestly--i really dont like clemence personally. i like a dressier look like box, swift, chevre etc i lean toward swift ..............
  13. Sounds like you have answered your question! I have also seen Birkins in swift which I thought were gorgeous.
  14. I guess it goes with personal preference. IMO, swift is a casual leather. Hardly dressier at all. Box YES. Chevre YES. Swift .... can't picture it as being classier when it flops so much.

  15. wow it is so interesting how so much is eye of the beholder..................I really value your opinion. thanks very much! I love my little swift bags but i think the smaller size keeps the shape better in swift