swift versus epson for Karo

  1. I have the choice of getting a Karo PM in either vert anis (epson) or blue jean (swift). I would be grateful of any opinions/experiece of these two leathers.:flowers:
  2. rose, you're killing us..........both are pretty colors. i def. would like a vert anis but i'm not sure about the epsom. it may look plastic-y. i have the vert anis in mysore. blue jean in swift.....swift maybe too soft and you may have a hard time clicking the buttons for the karo.

    ugh, you may have to go down and check it out yourself and see which one you like.
  3. I'd pick the Vert Anis in Epsom--a stiffer leather would be good for the Karo. Even in Chevre, the Karo is very pliable so I can only imagine what a softer leather like Swift would be like.
  4. The Epsom is also easy to clean and wipe down, I actually like Epsom :smile:
  5. Epsom is hardy and great for small leather goods, when there will be alot of handling. I just would not like Epsom in bags.

    Swift is matte and when there are scratches from all the handling, I think it will start to look "dated".
  6. Unfortunately, I can't go and check them both out....... my SA has the vert anis at the store but has to get the blue jean shipped from another store. Maybe I can get him to do that anyways?? From what you ladies had said, it looks like epson may be they way to go with the Karo (they do not do the Karo in bleue jean epson) and get a 'lil' something else in blue jean (I love that color). Thanks for taking the time to note the pros and cons:flowers: ....I'll let you know what I end up getting.:heart:

  7. Hmmm, vert anis in mysore....I'll have to ask my SA about that....:heart:
  8. Epsom will be sturdier and hold its shape. Mine is etoupe mysore.

    What wasn't Blue Jean offered to me?:hysteric:
  9. I will choose the epsom !

    Its more structured and easier to clean !!!
  10. And easier to press down the buttons, as well.
  11. I turned down an epsom Karo GM because it felt too dry under the fingers but I have to admit it is very structured and would hold its shape well.

    It's really up to you whether you like the leathers and what you're going to use the Karo for. Mine was for use as a clutch (and in-bag clutch), so touch was essential.
  12. I vote vert anis epsom...both for the color and leather! Epsom is durable and vert anis is one of my favorite colors.

    Epsom does feel different, but go into it with that be a "good" thing...it's fun feeling rather than luxurious H leather feeling.