Swift texture when left to open air???

  1. is it my mind playing tricks on me or what? my white kelly in swift and my vert anis in swift when i brought them home seemed super soft, super smooth and almost pliable to the touch. i kept them displayed in my room i dress in for a few months, not in boxes. yesterday i picked them up to molest them slightly and they seem a little more weathered to the touch, a tiny bit rougher? i have never carried them outside yet. i think i may be crazy or just never had a kelly in swift before. KWIM? or did this happen to u too? :sad:
  2. Oh??!!! you got your white kelly !!!! congratulations !!!!!! AND a vert anis:yahoo: Mine still feels nice and soft... not rough, I blame your mind :p
  3. I have had my swift in the open since december and I have not noticed any difference. If anything it seems a lil softer
  4. Do you have a dehumidifier in your dressing room?
  5. isn't it odd? it could be that when i handled them the first day i had that "new kelly" haze around me and it doubled the effect it was in new swift leather - a new experience for me. but, i am curious if others see this too maybe. no dehumidifier - do i need one? i live in climate where it is humid only in summer.
  6. here they are with my fuschia ostrich.


    ooh, sorry that is so big!
  7. HC, I have only one piece in swift, a vermillion swift GP in 30cm. I wore it constantly for about 3 months and then put her away for the summer. I can't say that I noticed any difference from start to finish and I just got her. I do think that swift may soften a little with time, but the soft buttery finish should remain.
  8. No no. I asked wondering if you'd the dehumidifier switched on high, which could potential dry up leathers and make them hard.

    Could the air in your room too dry as it is?
  9. gorgeous bags, thanks for the pictures, love LOVE them all, how can you choose :smile:
  10. HC, the most stunning bags! Love all your colors. Keep the white one!!!
  11. hkloosterman/fleurdelis/mrssparkles/gracekelly - thank u! i do love these bright colors, they brighten up dreary days. sparkles, i don't think it is too dry, but i will ask next time I go in H what they think. it is VERY hard to choose LOL which is why i am bugging all of you with my white bags thread...but i have decided for now to keep Ms. White Kelly unless i go for the white birkin with PH, which reminds me an awful lot of Twinkle! hehehe. i am learning so much this year about colors and my own style, i used to know what H bags fit my style and now it is like peeling back the layers of an onion or artichoke...deeper levels of decision!
  12. gorgeous bags, HC!
  13. thanks pazt! i wanted a HAC in the fuschia like yours but settled for 30cm LOL. i still love it tho.
  14. I have 2 swift Birkins and I have not noticed any difference from the day I bought them.
  15. my swift kelly is stiffer than my swift birkin...
    dont know if that helps you or not...