Swift owners only...Please help Rocker and GFs


Does swift need to be babied

  1. Heck no! It is a great everyday bag

  2. Yup, better rethink your next casual bag purchase....

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  1. GF and I have an itch for a super casual etoupe birkin (GF 30, Rocker 32 or 35) and are dreaming of swift. We've heard mixed perceptions regarding if the bag is delicate or hardy. We need to hear from swift owners that don't baby your bags. Are they delicate or hardy? Pix would also be helpful!
  2. Fleur is probably sick of me about this!
    Here is what she said on another thread.
    all I know is that I have used this bag constantly since december and I am very rough on it and I do not have a mark. I saw a couple of scratches once that I just rubbed out with my finger. I was happily surprised with how well this leather has done. I was very scared of marks due to the soft feel and the color but it has been great. It has even been on plane trips and put under the the seat in front of me:wtf:and made it thru without a mark

    (thanks fleur...but don't forget to vote above)
  3. RC, just thought to share with you what I know. I have swift in a Lindy, and it's truly my thrash around bag. It has not sustained *any* scratches but the corners are a bit worn. I have not sent my Lindy in for refurbishment, so I cannot comment if the corners can be taken care of.

    What I know, after a visit to my store today, is that if Swift is scratched, there is nothing the craftsman can do. And it is not entirely true that scratches can be rubbed away. I saw a bag with a scratch and no rubbing made it go away.
  4. my SA told me it's a delicate leather and does scratch.
  5. EXCELLENT thread, RC!!!!!!
  6. Ohh, I don't own a swift yet...(swift lindy is going to be on it's way soon) but I have been able to feel and play around with a swift kelly. The leather is much more "sturdy" than I thought.
  7. EEK!

    I bought a swift bag because my SA said it WASN'T all that delicate and would take a fair amount of abuse. Not as hardy as clemence, which works best with my "walk into walls" lifestyle, but way better than some of the other leathers.

    Dang. I hope it's not delicate. I don't mind scratches, lucky for me. I just don't want gouges or tears. I'm really not the right girl for a delicate bag. :p
  8. Hey Mrs. S,
    The scratch you saw, was it deep?
    I guess you can really scratch anything.
    I just need a bag that I do not want to worry about and I have decided that my swift will be that bag and it has done well.
    As far as SA's saying it is delicate. I find that when I talk to SA's about leather they are quick to say that you should not be rough with any leather and do not get any leather wet. The manager at my store told me not to be afraid of swift and that this leather is durable. I think that some leathers you do have to be more careful with than others (exotics, box etc. Vs. togo clemence) But I think that across the board they tell you to "be kind to your bag".
    I would think that since my bag is bright and colorful, it would show scratches easy, but I could be wrong. What can I say:
    Maybe the bright color works as a camouflage
    I guess we will have to see over time how this leather and what colors hold up in the end. I will check my bag super carefully today and take some pics.
  9. I used my Swift Birkin as my everyday bag for about 6 months, and it held up just fine. It went out in the rain, and wasn't babied at all. As a result, there are no signs of wear, the corners are all fine and the bag is perfect. So I strongly reccomend Swift as an everyday/carefree leather.
    My personal issues with Swift are that it's TOO slouchy (my Birkin is a 35) and I like some slouch; I adore Clemence and have 2 Birkins in this leather. But, IMHO, Swift is slouchier than Clemence, at least in a size 35. The other thing that I'm not mad about, is that Swift looks a bit "spongy" I don't know how to describe it better. And finally, my bag is Havane, and although I'm addicted to browns (as some of you know already LOL:rolleyes:)
    I'm not a fan of this particular shade of brown (too reddish) So, all things considered, Swift for me is a bit of a let down, but only for aesthetic reasons; as far as durability is concerned, I find it very sturdy. HTH
  10. OK - no tomato throwing here, BUT swift reminds me of a finer version of the old Coach leather used on their original bags 15 - 20 years ago (meant as a positive comment for swift leather!)...super durable and smooth, very easy to clean, light scratches will rub out but deeper ones won't but they add to the "look" a bit (assuming that "look" is OK with you). I'd be careful with corners (but aren't we all with these expensive H bags anyway?!?!).

    Just my $0.02... :p
  11. Well... all leathers will show deep scratches, regardless. For togo and other grained leathers, the scratch's not going to be so obvious. For the smooth leathers, swift is really quite the throwaround bag plus it's soft(er) so it yields to pressure instead of resisting it, hence less likely to get deep scratches. I love that swift looks delicate and velvety but yet doesnt get superficial scratches that easily unlike box.
  12. You gals are the absolute best! Thanks for the input and I welcome all comments as I make my next big decision! :smile:
  13. FleurDeLis - the scratch wasn't really deep. But it's also not a hairline scratch either. I was personally a little disappointed that nothing could be done to erase or minimise the scratch. Honestly, it looked so harmless and treatable. The consolation is that beneath the scratch, it revealed the same colour (not white), so that means it's not visible unless you are holding the bag up close (reading distance).

    Yes, ANY leather will be scratched, and it's part and parcel of owning H bags.

    I guess what begs the question now is after owning Swift in a Lindy, will I still choose Swift for other bags, my answer is a YES. On balance, it's a really easy leather. Zero maintenance. I will choose Swift for smaller bags, and closed up bags, to help give it more support. It is very souple.
  14. I think it would have to be babied depending on the color. I have Rose Dragee bag and I don't baby it alot but I keep it away from my pre-schooler.
  15. archangel, I agree!