Swift or Togo Birkin help needed PLEASE

  1. HB woke me as usual this morning with a cup of coffee, but then he throws this envelope at me. At first I was not that interested (my eye sight is not good especially first thing) sipping my coffee I glance at the envelope and see the wording PARIS ANJOU PARIS NORD QUEST I am now interested. The coffee is soon forgotten as I open the envelope, and read "we are pleased to inform you that the Birkin bag, 35 cm in black Swift calfskin, is at your disposal in our store".

    Because of numerous problems I encountered when I was at the FSH, I never thought I would ever get this bag. I therefore was accepted onto the wait list at the London store for a black Birkin in Togo leather. I have never seen a Birkin in Swift only Togo so I do not know whether to have the Swift that is available now in Paris or wait for the Togo in London.

    All you experts out there please help, which is the best leather for a Birkin, which is the lightest ?
  2. Swift if I recall is lighter than Togo. Swift sounds sooo good but Togo too, get them both:graucho:
  3. Togo is heavy in a 35, especially as you start filling it up. but, it's really sturdy, handles rain, doesn't scratch...it's pretty casual looking, though. Isn't swift "dressier" and stiffer, smaller grained..?
  4. Swift is softer, smooth and floopy. Togo is stiffer, grainy and a bit heavier. I have 35s in togo and clemence and they are not too heavy, though.

    What a sweet choice to have to make!
  5. Mmmmmmmm Swift sounds really nice I thought it was a soft smooth leather I like that better than the grainy leathers.
  6. It's going to floop in a 35cm. Swift is lined in Swift most of the times. Although, I have seen them lined in chevre, it's not usually the case. Nevertheless, like you, I prefer my smooth leathers over the textured ones. Just be prepared to deal with scratches. Togo, being textured, hides scratches better.
  7. I personally prefer Swift over Togo because of the grain. So that would be my choice. I like smoother grains in leather versus ones that have more veins. Hope that helps! Good luck with your choice!
  8. IMO, swift will look more elegant, and togo will be more worry-free. I like worry-free, so I'd go with togo, lol. I also have the impression that togo has been getting thinner and lighter, so the difference in weight may not be that great.
  9. Both are amazing. I find that the scratches rub off of the swift if they are not too deep. It's a lovely buttery leather. Togo is nice too because it can withstand the rain in London.

    PS - If you decide not to take the togo please remember your friend at TPF. I was out of town and when I came back the list was closed. Am dying for a black birkin :girlsigh:
  10. Swift is lighter but also a lot floppier. Togo is heavier but more carefree.
  11. I would go with Togo for durability of grain and corner wear.
  12. If you don't mind a smushy Birkin, then swift is a nice, soft-feeling leather that has a smooth look although it has a small, flat grain. It's a relatively new leather so we don't really know how it ages. Togo is definitely a staple and will be more hardy, hold it shape better (with care). I personally would go with Togo.
  13. I personally like swift because of its buttery feel. In a birkin, I have a 30cm in swift and a 35cm in togo. Both leathers are fine. It's all a personal preference.

    I like my bags on both ends of the "stiffness spectrum" - either swift (floopy) or chevre (holds shape better than togo).
  14. hmmmm......I'd go with the non-floopy, more carefree Togo......it's a little heavier but it's more durable, IMO.
  15. Togo, but I am hard on my bags.