swift leather sturdier than box calf?

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  1. I have been rubbing...alot, and I think that swift is sturdier than box as far as re-furbishing goes,...am I wrong? All opinions, suggestions wellcome!:idea:
  2. Do you mean that scratches rub out of swift easier than box? That's what I've found, too! All other things being equal, I'd say that that makes my swift more hardy than my box. I haven't taken them in for their spa treatments yet, but I'm guessing that swift may come back looking a wee bit "fresher" than box. :smile:

    (Hey, Avan, what are you doing up so late? ;) )
  3. Yes that's what I mean... the swift seems to clean up easy... !:yes:
    I am on eh,...universal time need no sleep ever:nuts: ... no seriee bob,'ever!:lol:
  4. I seem to have terrible jetlag and take short naps all night. Who knows what time I'm on! Tokyo, maybe?

    I LOVE swift! For a birkin, anyway. Even more so than our beloved box. But I'm wondering if it holds up as well in all the colors. It looks terrific in black. Anyone have any other colors in swift on which scratches and the like might show up more easily?

    Avan, what are you rubbing?

    (Wait, that didn't sound right. :P I mean, is it a bag?)
  5. :roflmfao: ....I am rubbing something red... (BAG)
    ugh, I think that still sounds bad...
    A swift!:nuts: , rubbin' up a storm, and lovin' the leather!:heart: :love: :P
  6. I LOVE swift...yummo - I saw an etoupe swift kelly (retourne) the other day - it was EDIBLE!!!!
  7. Etoupe swift oozes elegance! The last time I was at Madison Ave I tried on an etoupe swift retourne kelly, too. Stunning!!
  8. man, I'm really getting a thing for etoupe........it's all your bloody fault, Gina....you and SP for that vision agenda! I now find myself COVETING etoupe and rose shocking!!
  9. YEP! It's ALL SP's fault! :P (Bless her!)


  10. I wish I had a etoupe to covet... not so lucky...

    but swift is "up my alley!":nuts:

    Now, why does this statement sound not good?:sad:
  11. :wtf:


    That sounds positively wicked, Avan!

    I love it!
  12. I rubb the scratches on my Swift Birkin aswell, and it seems to work: it's only a couple of months old, so I don't know in the long run how it will age...On the other hand, I just got back my Box Birkin from the spa, and all the whitish marks/scratches it had, have gone, so I'm very impressed. I have no clue on how Swift refurbishes...
  13. What interesting finding this is! Does it mean that swift is like barenia, that you can actually rub away all the scratches :nuts: ?
  14. Hey Ginab

    after reading your Paris post. You inspired me go to Paris in Jan and search for my second dream birkin. I am thinking about a 35 black swift with ph. I am wondering if you have your black swift birkin pic on this site somewhere. I would love to see it.

    by the way I use to travel a lot like you too. Usually two time zone a week. My thought on jet leg is sleep whenever you want (other then the time you are working or shopping at H) until you get back to your home time zone. That is just me. I love to sleep, if I can I will sleep 12 hours a day.:yahoo:
  15. That's impressive! I want something in box leather!