SWIFT Leather Care - Question

  1. For those who have experience with Swift leather do you know of any home remedy for buffing out scratches?

    I have had my swift kelly for about 6 months now...I use it a good amount for the office...I consider myself to be careful with my bags and constantly examining them for marks, scratches, etc. Its a bit early for me to send it in...so I thought there might be someway for me to buff out the marks. I might be being a bit paranoid...not even sure if other people notice..but I DO!!!:sad:

    I was new to Hermes leathers when I purchased the Swift kelly and now I feel maybe my lifestyle is better suited with a tougher leather like togo/clemance...I don't worry nearly as much w/ my togo birkin.

    Any help/guidance/reassurance would be greatly appreciated:flowers:
  2. i would not try to buff out these marks by myself as i am sure you would do more harm than good. wait a few month and then t is beauty parlor time for her.
    i was advised years and years ago and been reminded by my manager to not do anything to the bags at all with the exception of wiping them down with a soft cloth after use. he told me most of the "lost cases" (not repairable) they get in are caused by customers trying on their own ;)
  3. Thank you lilach! Maybe I should just warm up to the "used" feel:smile:
  4. Hi Lux Chic, I agree with Lilach, don't mess with them yourself!!! Always take your Hermes in to a craftsman or you can fedex it to them too! Now form what I've seen of Swift, I was offered a Birkin and a Kelly in it.. but didn't want those colors, so I passed... it seems to be a resurected Gulliver. leather.
    Lilach, what do you think? You're the expert... If it is like Gulliver, Luxchic, it WILL mark.. and I dont' think you cna get it resurfaced like Box calf.. but I have 2 Gulliver bags, all marked up and they look nice that way. ( is this making sense? ) it's like when Barenia gets all marked up.. it looks fine. Plus swift is very mushy.. and soft and looks fine no matter what. There are a few things you can do to stop new marks.. I take the clochette and lock off my gulliver and barenia bags, because they DO leave marks. And I try to not wear them when I have long nails.. which also marks them up..
  5. Great advice Lucy and lilach!

    i agree with them, don't touch it and wait until she can go to the spa!
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies! I am going to take it. The scuffs give the bag character!! Next year I will send it off to the spa..after some of my other goodies have come in!!