Swift? Gumy?

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  1. Please ladies and gents please tell me if swift is a thing of the past and what is this Gumy leather from hermes? Is this the same as swift? It is more or less than clemence or togo? What are your thoughts.. They would be greatly appreciated..

  2. As far as I know, Swift still exists. I've never heard of Gumy leather, so I can't help with that.
  3. Thanks.. A girlfirend and I asked a kind lady at lunch today about her birkin and we think that she said that it was gummy or gumy.. Silly us must have been a misunderstanding.. It looked like swift.. either way thanks a bunch!
  4. Perhaps she said it was "Gulliver" which is the predecessor to Swift.
  5. That's a good thought!
  6. lol silly me!!!!!!! we were trying to figure that one out all through the ride home...Thanks a mill! :shame::oh:
  7. In regards to your first question and as a little tribute of my own to swift it is a grand Hermes leather I own my black swift, and it is my best and most faithful bag !!!!!!
  8. Thanks so much ladies!!! Hmmm.. nice to know that at least a "Gumy" leather exist in the world of Hermes.. Guess Im not so embarrased now.. LOL