SWIFT for a Kelly?

  1. How slouchy is Swift in a Kelly?

    .........Muffin wants to know.......:p
  2. Tell Muffin the color imparts so much glory in swift that the slouch will fade in significance, if there is one.....Honestly Muffin hit the button already!!!!!
  3. LMAO!!!!! No BIN button yet, CB. Just on a fact-finding mission......

    I saw a picture of a members Black Swift Kelly (I can't remember who's it is at the moment......) and I fell in love with it. I think it might be a nice alternative to Box calf but I just don't know how much of a slouch it has....anyone?
  4. Smom...

    It's very slouchy....IMHO it almost looks like a completely different bag...it's like the Uber-Casual Kelly....
  5. Hmm... D.... I feel like swift is not slouchie at all!

    my RD swfit is standing firmly and I love how she looks more and more.

    Shes about 4 months now.... soft but not slouchie at all
  6. Quinn's Mom, now you have ME curious. lol
  7. S'Mom...Do you remember the swift Kellys on disaply when we were in NYC? They seemed quite soft and slouchy...almost pillow-esque... But...they were also large...32 and 35 cm...
  8. Oh yeah, SoCal! Wonder how a 28cm would be?

    I'm looking for a 28cm Kelly that can be a great every-day bag with the look of Box but without the stiffness. KWIM? I was thinking Swift might be the answer but I also don't want anything too slumpy or anything that would tend to get out of shape easily.
  9. D, i think the sizes 32 and 35 slouch more than the 28. better off with a 28 if you dont like too much slouch.

    i believe msbean has a swift turqouise kelly in size 28, check it out!
  10. My SA told me that in the 28 slouch if any is minimal. Also depends on each piece of leather of course, but I've yet to see a super slouchy 28 Swift.
  11. Mine (32 cm) is about a year old and it does slouches. I have been rather careful with her since it's Swift.

    If the one Muffin is eyeing is 28cm, I guess it wouldn't be that bad.
  12. I would love to see some pics if possible.......calling any and all Swift Kelly's! Calling any and all Swift Kelly's! :heart:
  13. after looking over that link, it made me think, why would a swift 28 slouch any differently than the 28 noisette guliver kelly you used to have?
  14. Oooooh, S'Mom - I love swift!! Is Muffin's heart set on black or could she be thinking about a bright color? Swift holds color so beautifully!