Swift Colours?

  1. Does anyone know what new colours Swift comes in? Adroise, right? What about cafe?

    Anyone heard?:confused1:
  2. Parchmain
  3. All of the new Indian colors.......you know which ones they are.
  4. I saw a swatch labeled "biscuit" in the leather book at my store. I nearly had a heart attack over it.
  5. Rouge Piment !!! I saw it in a Swift-like leather swatch called Veau Sikkim. Delicious.

    What are you up to, K. ?? :ninja:
  6. rouge piment!! I keep forgetting the name of the new red, thanks Jasper!

    LOL - J...not much for a few weeks, my SA (you know who ) is on holidays (BOTH of my SA'S are! - geez!) but I'm shopping for a swift Lindy.....just want to get the colour right before I HUNT......
  7. I wonder if the veau sikkim will be used for Lindys? it could, it has the right hand to it.
  8. God...I want a barenia Lindy.....
  9. YES! I saw a leather GP the other day in this colour - lovely, it was bought by the time I left the store.
  10. yes indeedy....hmmm...no nothing singing to me there....this is HARD!
  11. vert anis and also white...

    and thx for the dress opinions GF!!!!!! very obliged to you!
  12. no problemo! LOVED the Mischka!
  13. hehehe it's only 1200.....super deal!
  14. I agree. Veau Sikkim is a natural choice for a Lindy.

    Good grief, I wonder if I could get a Rouge Piment Lindy in Veau Sikkim if Swift isn't available.
  15. ^ You could ask for it in Feb.