Swift Birkin question...Help, please...?

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  1. Hi, everyone~! May I ask a question anyone who knows about it or owners of swift Birkin?

    Okay...I saw a Birkin at Hermes in swift. I never saw any Birkin lining inside of bag other than chevre. Do swift Birkin lining come in swift leather? It was NOT chevre for sure. It felt like swift leather. SA thought it was swift as well. But I didn't bug him to keep asking. Now I am very curious...As I said above, I never saw any Birkins that does not have chevre lining...at least for Birkins that were produced very recently.

    Any swift Birkin owners? or anyone knows about it? If swift Birkin comes with swift lining, how do you like swift lining vs. chevre? I love swift leather, but I want to know about it first from you guys. I know it's not in croc.(:p ) but I love smooth texture of swift and it has GH... Thanks!
  2. I recently got a blue jean Birkin in swift. I actually never paid attention to the lining until you asked this question.:shame: I just too a look at it and it looks like swift to me.:shame: I'm not an Hermes expert though by any means. I think you should wait to hear what the other ladies have to say. I'm sure HG will definitely know for sure.:p Btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE swift. It smells great and the sheen is just divine.:love:
  3. Aspen & Kat, would a swift lining ( which would feel wonderful to the touch!) be more prone to scratches? I wonder.....this would not stop me from purchase, as I love the soft lambskin inside the Bolides and the Paris Bombay has a soft calfskin lining that shows marks.....
  4. That is a very good observation aspen!! I have a swift kelly and the inner lining looks like swift to me. I'm wondering if this adds significantly to the slouch factor. I didn't think that swift was that soft and heavy but yet when I saw an older swift birkin and saw how much it slouched, as much or more than a clemence or togo, I was really shocked esp since I thought clemence and togo were heavier and softer leathers than swift.
  5. That's an excellent observation. If the lining is swift, than I can see why it would slouch. My evergrain may be soft, but its lined in chevre, which is a relatively firm leather. I wonder if this is the difference.
  6. As a swift birkin owner, I can say this:

    a) they are lined in swift, not chevre, therefore slouchier
    b) I have weighed my clemence birkin and my swift, and they weigh the same....

    So, it's not as leightweight as it's said to be, and it's slouchier than Clemence...sad but true.....
  7. Buffalo Birkins are lined in Buffalo rather than Chevre. Hermes must do the same with Swift.
    Anyone know of another leather Birkin that is not lined with Chevre?
    Older matte croc lined with toile.
  8. interesting, i never thought about the lining making a difference in the slouchiness factor, good thought, tammy! my epsom is already rather rigid, and the lining is chevre, so that just adds to it :smile:
  9. you're totally changing my mind about epsom, Pigleto! I'm thinking now I want a black epsom!!
  10. I also take a look at my red swift birken. I feel the lining side is the same feel as the outside. I assume they're the same.

    I just heard people saying that Swift leather will become much slouchier after long use (some people describe it's as soft as bean curd). Anyone got an old swift bag can comment on this?
  11. Wait a minute - I'm confused and naive....all Birkins are lined in chevre? I know my togo Dogon wallet is lined in a diffrerent, supersmooth skin (lamb or chevre I guess) but I assumed my clemence Birkin was lined in clemence this whole time. Don't colors often look different in chevre? All the Birkin insides seem to match the outside perfectly regardless of outside leather. What is a clemence Birkin lined in??? Very interesting indeed!
  12. Clemence is lined with chevre....if you look closely, the texture is different....
  13. Wow - I didn't know that Swift Birkins are lined in Swift. Yes, it might scratch easier than the Chevre Morrocain that lines most other Birkins.
  14. You are right, some colors look different in Chevre. Depending on the color, if you bring it near sunlight you might see the difference. I notice this most on my Vert Anis in Togo; the Chevre lining has a slightly more yellow undertone than the shade in Togo.
  15. i love the orange in swift, i think it's interesting how colors look with different leathers. i think gold in swift is also very rich :smile: