Swift Birkin After Spa :)

  1. oh dear but im glad it has been resolved beautifully now!! :smile:
  2. I love SWIFT, and yours was the best answer for me!!!
  3. Should swift leather have natural skin marks the way togo can have veining.
  4. thank you for sharing! Now I can start getting swift bags. :graucho:
  5. Thanks everyone. I hope you all like swift leather just like me. ;)
  6. After reading this thread, I have fallen in love with Swift leather. It seems that Hermes does wonders with this leather in dark color after returning from the spa. Can someone tell me if this is also the case with light colors such as rose drage or parchimen? Will they be able to remove most marks, scratches, etc....? Also, will they be able to touch up the corners? Please advise. Thanks!
  7. That looks good but it's just cleaning of dust? Scratches still can't be removed, I had fine scratches all over my kelly and a spa did nothing for them.
  8. Thank you so much EB for starting this thread. I have a BJ Lindy in swift and put it up for sale because I hardly use it for fear of scratching and getting it wet due to its perceived "delicate" nature.

    Now that I am more reassured after reading this thread, I am going to retrieve it for personal use! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. My swift B is almost 3 years old (bought Jan 2010) and i used her daily for more than one year.. And now almost 3 years later she's still in perfect condition.. Stands on her own even when empty.. No scuffing on all four corners.. No scracth.. Love it! Its not as fragile and delicate as people think..

    Just thought i should post some pics to share..
    B30 Rubis Swift PHW.. On this pics the bag is totally empty.. And ow.. She's never been to a spa before.. I dont think she needs it yet..




  10. Swift handles rain pretty well actually.. I got caught up in rain more than once with my swift B.. No harm done.. I wipe her off as soon as i can though.. I dropped her once, from my car and landed on asphalt.. No scratch marks.. Im amazed myself.. ;)
  11. owwww this thread make me craving more birkin swift :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. Wow Keekee! What a gorgeous bag. Thanks for sharing. Does anyone have any experience with swift in very light colors???
  13. Thanks for showing us your gorgeous swift B. Any tips on how you maintain it? Any conditioning? It looks perfectly new and no slouching at all. TIA

  14. Wow.. Gorgeous swift B you have here, Keekeee! It looks amazing like the owner ;)
  15. Hi Allinbee..
    Im carefull with my bags but i dont baby them.. So i make sure 1). I dont bump the bags to avoid scuffing on the corners. 2). I ALWAYS store them properly as in fill them up with the airtight bags and put it inside the dustbag. This is very important to me.
    So no slouching at all :smile:

    I conditioned her with Blackrock Leather n Rich once every 6 months (see Docride's thread: Vintage Bag Nightmare)