Swift Birkin After Spa :)

  1. I have found that Swift is tougher than you might think. I believe its soft quality helps because it cushions impact when the bag touches other items. I have an Epsom bag which is quite delicate for the opposite reason. The leather is so stiff, it it hits or rubs against anything, there is wear at that point. I know that there are people who adore Epsom. The way I use my bags makes me hesitate to ever get Epsom again.

    I have heard this from a SA in GV. She said exactly the same thing to me. She recommended me not to get an epsom for this very reason. She said for SLG epsom is fine but not for a workhorse bag.
  2. It is very thoughtful of you to start this thread. So many of us wonder about what a spa treatment can do. And the information on swift is so helpful.
  3. Something to share with all of you. My first birkin was in swift leather too. Initially I was worried about it being scratched easily because that was a common comment about swift leather. I have to say that this is not true. Here's a pic of my swift birkin before going to spa. Trust me, I almost cried when I saw it coated with thick dust. My contractor created this mess.


    I brought it to spa, and was so happy that it came back looking good!


    I waited for about 3-4 mths for it to come back. Worth the wait!
  4. wow..it looks brand new! thanks for showing us!
  5. Wow!
  6. I LOVE SWIFT. My most favorite of all Hermes leathers. It is thick, matte, and yummy. Love the way it takes color. Love the soft and of it. I have swift in Birkin, Kelly and Kelly Longue and Jige. Love the way it feels when wearing. It is durable, doesn't mind water too much and is so elegant.
  7. Wow celestewg ur bag looks gorgeous and brand new!! hw old is ur bag and any scuffings so far? :smile:
  8. My bag is 3 years old now. No scuffing. Sometimes I am lazy to switch bags and therefore I use it almost everyday for a couple of months. A v reliable bag. :smile:
  9. Hi celestewg thats good to know... by the way, how do u normally care for your swift birkin? any tips? thks!! :smile:
  10. She looks amazing..... swooning :love:
  11. Thanks. :smile:
  12. To tell you the truth, I don't really pay special attention to my swift birkin. I would say that I try to be very careful with it, after the incident (contractor covered my bag with dust) I made it a point to keep my bags into the dust bags immediately after use. That's all.
  13. Thanks for starting this thread, EB! I love your description of swift - I almost want to lick your bag! :amuse: Your bag is a beauty - Etoupe is such a fabulous color.
  14. Thanks for the yummy pictures EB!!! Your bag is a beauty! Great thread to remind us of the beauty of Swift.
  15. Thank you for starting the thread. your birkin looks stunning.
    You make me love my newly purchased prune swift birkin more.......