Swift - any darkening handle problems?

  1. Just thinking about the various leathers and how they wear over time. Is Swift susceptible to the "darkening handle" phenomenon, particularly in the lighter colours like say, rose dragee, gold, or etoupe?
  2. I have a orange birkin for several months now and I haven't noticed any darkening yet. My skin usually shows patina in LV pretty fast but not so far on my swift. I hope that helps
  3. Thanks, candace! Good to know!
  4. Omg, you nearly gave a heart attack! No darkening yet on my newborn. *knocks on wood*
  5. ^^LOL! Sorry HL! I thought about that when I was typing out the subject title, that it might sound a bit misleading and everyone with a swift bag from here to the north pole would have a quick panic attack reading it... Did cross my mind to re-word but nah, where's the fun in that?:p
  6. *bump*

    Just purchased a gold swift Birkin last week, and I am SO worried about getting it dirty and darkening handles...

    Any feedback regarding Swift and how quickly the handles darken? TIA!
  7. nope, I use mine almost everyday and it is a pretty light color (orange) and no darkening. I use almost every since December
  8. Swift is very easy to maintain. Simple wipe downs can remove surface dirt. No darkening of handles.

    I don't use baby wipes. Instead, I use Lord Sheraton Leather Wipes.
  9. Congratulations, Mimi!!! :yahoo:You need to give us some visuals.

    I have a Swift Kelly since last March and the handles are still the same.
  10. My vermillion swift GP is just fine and there was a period of time that I was wearing it every day. No dark handles here!