SWF seeking a metallic navy 226 reissue..

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  1. Hi Chanel forum! I am usually hanging out in Marc Jacobs, but have been thinking about a reissue for quite a while now. Just recently the metallic navy has caught my eye and taken the reissue from a mere thought to an all out obsession.

    If anyone knows of a metallic navy 226 available in the US please let me know. I would trully appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. i know the Neiman marcus in Beverly Hills or Newport beach has the metallic blue in 227 reissue, but I'm not sure about in size 226
  3. hi yohjishabu, do u know which boutique would have the metallic black 227 reissue with silver h/w by any chance?? thanks!
  4. I just went to SAKS in beverly hills, my SA told me they have metallic black in extra jumbo 228...
  5. I know where to get a metallic purple 226. I've seen it a few days ago at my Saks. PM me if you need my SA's info.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I am still on the hunt for the navy 226. I called all around during the recent promotions but had no luck.

    All was not lost since I did pick up the white lambskin classic flap with the new chain. I couldnt decide on the size so I grabbed a jumbo and an E/W. They were two separate transactions at Saks so I can return the one I dont like or maybe even sell her on ebay and keep the GC :graucho:.

    Here are some picks from ebay. As my first chanel which size do you think I should keep?