S’well Hoarders—Share pics and any deals!!!

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  1. Great pic! I’ve never seen this one IRL.
  2. Big LOVE for both
  3. Oh banana's! :lol:
  4. Thanks for the input and pic. I ended up ordering the roamer in teakwood since I'm not a fan of anything blue. It's supposed to arrive this week.
  5. Thanks for this info, it pushed me to go with the teakwood since anything blue is not for me
  6. I may need this with my banana bag!:biggrin: Only if it were yellow! Wait. I have a yellow S'well bottle I stashed away.
  7. Can you please share which location this is?
  8. Ancaster, Ontario. I see them periodically all over Ontario at Costco. They'll start bringing out more drinkwear in the next month or so, I'm sure they'll be in most stores
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  9. [​IMG]

    Have to share my newest additions: 40oz roamer in teakwood and 9oz bottle in bikini pink. Not pictured, I also got the sport sip thru cap sized for the 25oz bottle since the one I have only fits the 9 or 17oz.
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  11. So cute!!!!!
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  12. B00A6FEA-FDFD-453A-82B3-88DAD5A3C232.jpeg 62FEA507-BA12-4BC3-A96B-7885990A0D4F.jpeg B2F38E37-AC54-4FE9-A99D-08A3BB255C19.jpeg 767F55AD-CD70-4AC5-A779-421A939890F6.jpeg New S’ips at Target! I think a couple are not actually new, like the lipstick and unicorns, but I lose track, so...

    I’m totally getting the one with the stars. It’s ‘gritty’, has red and silver glitter embedded into it. Design is called ‘Kapow!’
  13. bottle twins!
  14. Sample sale, sample sale. These were part of the Starbucks collection. I purchased one for 10.00. This is the second time this sale came to this location and I wasn't interested in the product. This time I said let me just try this product and see if I like it. 20190416_094019_wm.jpg 20190416_094625_wm.jpg 20190416_094550_wm.jpg 20190416_151513_wm.jpg
  15. Where is this located?