S’well Hoarders—Share pics and any deals!!!

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  1. I think I "need" at roamer now so if any of you lvoelies see or hear of any on sale, please let me know.
    Also, those with the roamer, do you find it too bulky to pack or hold? The pics make them seem short and squat to me
  2. I have the 40oz Roamer and love it! They seem harder to find retail stores - but I live in a small market so YMMV. We use ours predominantly for coffee on longer road trips. It doesn’t keep hot/cold quite as long as the bottles and travelers but it still does a fantastic job! We’ll pour from the Roamer into a Tumbler to sip from and put cream in the 9oz bottle. We take coffee seriously in our house! :yes:

    Here’s a pic with the 40oz next to the 20oz Traveler and the 17oz bottle. It would be big in a handbag but would fit in my Neverfull MM - thought it would be a little heavy and take up some room!
  3. Has anyone tried the commuter lid with the Traveler? I usually use my Tumbler in the car with the lid but I don't love drinking with the lid on. It's not as snug as the commuter lid looks as it doesn't screw on. When I lift the Tumbler lid, I battle the condensation - so thinking this is a great solution.
    Any feedback would be great! TIA
  4. Thanks for your input!! Definitely I'm going to get the 40oz roamer now. Your helpful photo sealed the deal.
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  5. The commuter lid is Great and I take my coffee in it in the car daily since I've gotten it. I don't have a tumbler so don't know what those lids are like
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  6. would you say the Night Sky roamer is more blue or more grey in color?
    I wish there were more colors to pick from for these roamers, I already have the white and onyx so don't really want to repeat.
  7. Yes, it’s been great with the Traveler so far! It’s really nice not having to unscrew the kid every time, and definitely more kid friendly.
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  8. In case anyone is looking Costco (Canada) has the medium sized traveler. At $29 they aren't super cheap but still better than full price and they had nice patterns this time.
  9. Oh. Good question. It's a very grey blue - but it's more blue for sure. I have the Night Sky in a Traveler and the Roamer. I appreciate that this color style has some grip without being rough. My DH has the onyx but I find the texture too rough for inside my bag and my dry hands in the winter.
  10. 927AF1F4-ADB8-47FE-A4D6-AD96FFD63D0B.jpeg
    New banana S’ip, paired with my banana themed Starbucks tumbler; apparently I’ve begun collecting banana drinkware :huh:
  11. Pretty. Guess you have gone bananas over these, lol.
  12. I didn’t see any S’wells at my Costco (here in the US) this week :sad:. (Not that I need another one).
  13. I agree with MMVT — it is more blue than grey. it’s just that the texture parts are so pronounced that it might come across as grey vs blue. Here is a close up of mine against a white bowl.
  14. Cute cute cute! Did you realize you were buying banana themed beverage holders, or did you get home and realize? I have unintentionally duplicated things that I’ve bought a year or two apart....guess I like what I like!
  15. It was later; the Starbucks tumbler is from at least two or three years ago.
    But yes, I’ve literally duplicated a purchase (as in mistakenly bought the exact same item) before. Derp.