S’well Hoarders—Share pics and any deals!!!

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  1. This is great — thanks for sharing,
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  3. Hi there. I can’t remember if this has been discussed. I was at Target today and saw they had three Sip by S’well on 50% clearance at $12.48 — a 16 oz tumbler cup and two 15 oz bottles. I am kind of interested in the grey/aluminum looking 15 oz because it has both the sip through sports cap and the grab and go handle. I like that it has both of these features. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think S’well has any bottles that have both the sip through cap and carry handle. I previously said I would only get one per size — well, I have a 16 oz and 17 oz S’well so I guess I can get a 15 oz Sip, lol

    Oh, I was looking at the Target website and saw a few Harry Potter Sip bottles (are these new?). This is one of them. But these HP ones don’t have the sip through cap or carry handle.
    C38D12F8-06E4-42D9-A50B-A88119A41AED.jpeg C2FBAE2A-4ADB-4A10-BC13-6E0619CD8A37.jpeg
  4. My order of these lids arrives tomorrow! I'm so excited. Thanks for the heads up!:smile:
  5. That HP one is cute! :hbeat: DD1 would love that. The sip-thru cap with the handle is genius, and no, the regular S'well line doesn't have a cap like that! I need them to correct that and make me one. :lol:
  6. I bought both the two on the left, just hadn’t got round to posting them yet:blush:
    The middle one is called ‘sterling’ I think.
  7. Oh great — yeah! Let us know how you like them. I am wondering if the sip opening works as well as the one on the S’well since it looks just a little smaller, further down (lower, sunken) in the cap (at least at a quick glance).
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  8. Ooh, I love the handle on the Sips!!
  9. Been kinda scared to test it!!! It’s weird but it looks like it’s open all the time. You can tell when it’s theoretically closed because a blue gasket seal disappears, but when you push the lid down, the opposite side is raised so much it ‘looks’ open. They both are like this. Definitely saved the package and receipt. I’ll update this afternoon/evening when I get home after testing one!
  10. Ok thanks. I am guessing it should be ok. Here is an old picture I have of the regular S’well sip through top — it is closed because you can’t see the blue line. But I guess the other side does look open, lol.
  11. image.jpg So yes, they do both hold water well even though it looks like one side is open:P
  12. Good to know — thanks for the update :smile:.
  13. For $7.48, I said, “Why Not?”. I actually remembered to check the clearance section today (I was at three different Targets over the weekend looking for something for DD but forgot to check then).
  14. Great score! Folks, the lightning bolt ones and the tortoiseshell sunglasses are also the same price now if your local store has any; pictures were posted of those two earlier in the thread!
  15. Thanks :smile:. Also thanks for the heads up on the other ones on clearance. Lol, It wasn’t a must have since I have 3 S’wells but I thought I would get one if they further mark down the price (from $12.48).