S’well Hoarders—Share pics and any deals!!!

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  1. IMG_6979.jpg IMG_6980.jpg

    These were my gateway S’well’s that I purchased from Nordstrom sometime in 2017, and it’s been a hoarding love affair ever since.

    I had posted a pic of my LV with a side of S’well in one of the LV threads, and people started discussing how much they ️ their S’well’s, so @Iamminda suggested we start a dedicated thread so we can gush on topic here (great idea IM!!!!).

    Here’s the pic that started the discussion (in case you were wondering): IMG_6949.jpg
  2. IMG_6981.jpg

    This one is currently available on sale at Nordstrom (but they sellout quickly).
  3. Thanks for starting this thread — you are the best, GL :smile:. These S’well bottles are so pretty (how do you all choose?) and apparently, so awesome. I need to seriously look into it. I will research the best size, colors/designs, deals, etc for me. I hope others will post feedback/experience, pictures of their favorites or entire collection here or of each one as you use them, etc. Btw, I love the tile work in the first pic (is that your kitchen?) — gorgeous (as is your Monet Speedy)
  4. Usually people start with the 17oz —it’s a good size for carrying water that’ll last you for a couple of hours. I’m going to buy the 9oz so it can fit into my smaller bags—I think I need at least one (but I’ve been debating if 9oz is really enough water for me).

    I chose mine based on color schemes and patterns—I’ll take more pics later. I bought 2-3 at Starbucks last year and this year—they do artist collaborations, so there’s some really fancy prints. Also, I “happened” to be at Starbucks when they were on sale—don’t quote me on the % because I can’t remember exactly, but I want to say they were maybe 30-40% off MSRP.

    Yes, tile work is in kitchen—I was trying to find a pic of the kitchen before the unpacking tornado began (and is still ongoing), but for some reason I forgot to take pics of the house when it was empty, lol. Here’s a pic of a worker doing last minute adjusting of a cabinet:


    If I ever manage to fully unpack , I will take pics of S’well bottles in the kitchen for you.

    Also, when you get your S’well, you will need this cleaning tool. The bottles are hand wash only. IMG_6982.jpg

    P.s. As always, thanks for being a sweetie and for the bag love️.
  5. I have only bought S'well from Starbucks, and I have only bought them when they were on sale. The wide mouth ones are for future gifts I bought cuz I personally don't need anymore bottles. I get bottles from Starbucks cuz their in my face whenever I go there! :biggrin:

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  6. What a beautiful kitchen!!! Just like ones on those HGTV shows.

    I wonder if a different (less expensive) bottle cleaner would work just as well.
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  7. These are lovely bottles SM. So many sizes to choose from. I know there is the pink starter one that GL mentioned. But I am just trying to buy only one due to limited space etc.
  8. IM,

    Thanks—the kitchen was the selling point. Kinda ironic because neither DH nor I cook. But we can dream right? We keep on saying that we’re going to learn to cook once we clean up the kitchen—I’m working on it, but I get easily distracted .

    I think a cheaper bottle cleaner will work just fine—the pic is to illustrate that you need this type of cleaner—you can’t really reach inside the bottle otherwise.
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  9. Obviously I need to up my Starbucks game, lol. I ️ Starbucks, but I’m lazy, and in Texas, there’re usually drive-thrus so I don’t go in as much. Now that I know they regularly put the S’wells on sale, I’ll have to actually go in the store. Please post any sales you see here!!

    I’ll go take pics of more S’wells in a bit.

    ️ your collection!!!
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  10. IMG_6989.jpg

    This is one of my favs.

    This one is new—the idea was to gift for bday or Xmas—but we shall see if the hoarder in me can let one go .
  11. Here's my collection that I originally posted in the LV thead. I recommend the 17oz or 9oz bottle to start. Great for cold beverages! The Traveler is a more squat, wide mouth bottle and great for warm/hot beverages, IMO.

    We've hoarded 4 bottles, 4 travelers, 4 tumblers, and 1 40oz roamer for road trips. Now I just buy to gift to others. If you're not too picky about color, check out the sale section on the S'well website.

    One point of note - I purchased a "rougher grained" 9oz and decided it was too rough for inside some of my handbags. So I picked up another in a smooth finish. Now I try to stick to anything but the stone finish (or anything new that seems rougher). Some finishes have a grain but are smooth finish.

    EDIT: You can see the finish difference in the black traveler on the left vs. the dark blue traveler just to the right. One is matte finish (stone) and the other is a shiny/smooth finish.
    IMG_0473.jpeg IMG_0474.jpeg
  12. MooMoo,

    You are TOTALLY my S’well hero!!!

    Thanks for the pics and the detailed review—super awesome !!
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  13. So many factors to consider to find the perfect one. I shall focus on getting a S’well bottle (to take my mind off bags and to stay on my bag ban).
  14. Just don't get addicted to S'well!:graucho:
  15. I will have to add a picture later, but only have three actual S'well bottles (for now) and a couple similar ones by different brands. I have the same Tiffany blue one posted above that I also got at Nordstrom last year, a leopard print one, and a Hawaii exclusive one that my bff sent me. I am really trying not to buy all of them because I already have a million Starbucks You are Here collection mugs that take up all my cabinet space!