Sweetsparkle - You bought my Pewter First!!!!

  1. Oh Noooooooo!

    I wanted that bag so badly, I was watching it in MyEbay but you were too fast and snatched it away.

    Oh well, I guess it was not meant to be. I hope you enjoy it, and if you decide you dont like it, well.....you know where I am ;)
  2. Uh Oh!!
    Congrats sweetsparkle, and SpecialK AAAHHHH!!! I hate when that happens. Your dream bag is still out there! Hang tight :smile:
  3. OMG! I'm sorry SpecialK. I didn't know you wanted that bag! I was watching that bag too BUT was waiting for my funds to be released from paypal. So after this whole paypal incident was resolved, I jumped on buying it because I absolutely love this color. I'm sorry. But I know where to find you when I decide to part. :sad2:

    BTW, did you receive your bbags from me?
  4. Oh no worries......It's a blessing really. I shouldnt be spending more money on bags right now anyway. I get first dibs though if you ever decide to sell it!!

    I got your bags yesterday and I wore the Black First out last night. They are both gorgeous thank you!!!! i will leave feedback later today, thanks.
  5. You definitely have first dibs! :biggrin:

    I'm happy that the turquoise city found a good loving home! i'm receiving my turquoise first on monday and can't wait. will definitely post pics.....which reminds me, you should also post pics of your growing bbag collection specialK!!

    oh btw, do you like the leather from the older seasons? compared to this year's? it's much better right?
  6. You know, its hard to say. I do like the old leather, it's beautiful and soft but the squishiness gives it a more casual look.

    My Black City is new, and I use it a lot for work functions and I find the stiffness makes it a bit more formal/classy.

    So both leathers work for me depending on the function. I'm going to be getting a work bag in the fall and I'll definitely get it in one of the newer leathers just because I find it to be more appropriate.
  7. Congrats sweetsparkle and glad that whole paypal thing is resolved!
    And no worries SpecialK something tells me that there is another b-bag in your near future!
  8. Feedback has been left:smile:
  9. Oops...I guess I've already become predictable :shame: Yes, I have a feeling you are correct ;)
  10. LOL! It's a good thing SpecialK! Enjoy your b-bags! you have quite the collection! Can't wait to see what you get next!
  11. WOW! I was watching that bag, too! Was waiting for confirmation on authenticity! Oh well...glad it went to another PF member! That must mean I am not destined to have a metallic b-bag! Three have slipped away this week!

    Was this being sold by a PF member? I thought it was "just an eBay" bag???
  12. My friend might be selling her silver first. She is still on the fence. I will let you guys know.
  13. Yes the pewter was from a fellow forum member but she listed it on ebay! She is such a sweetheart!