Sweets, Toffees And Candies !!!

  1. I love my British Sweets:

    Kitkat, Cadburys chocolate, Bounty,Milk Tray,Topic, Flakes. and Rolos
    My Best friend Linda and My Mom send me plenty of supplies every year.

    What is your favourite Candy Bar ?
  2. Reese's Nutrageous....yum....I wish i was eating one right now!!!!
  3. I love twizzlers, nibs, milk duds (especially with pop corn at the movies-yum) baby ruths, hundredgrand bar (I think that is what its called) and m&ms- they are crack for chocolate addicts.

    OOOHHH Reese's Nutrageous- definintely! Good one annemerrick!
  4. Oh you are killing me here! If its chocolate I LOVE it!! Trying so hard to stay away from it though. It loves my hips way too much!
  5. I :love: :love: :love: chocolate!!! Any kind and form!!! Check these out! I found it online from a French chocolate website. Was so tempted to order but it's so $$ and too cute to eat :lol:
  6. I am a chocolate snob! After having my first gourmet chocolate while working during the dot com blast, I cannot go back to regular chocolate.

    my favorites are:
    Godiva, of course
    Rich Art

  7. Lindt chcolate bar in creme brulee flavor... it's to DIE FOR.. and only can be found in Paris.. so sad....if anyone see it on any website, please TELL ME!!!

    other than that, I love to much, and right my fav is Chex Mix in honey nut flavor... very very yummy!
  8. I got a box of chocolates from a friend and they were milk chocolate covered caramels with sprinkles of sea salt on them OMG they were TO DIE FOR! I cannot for the life of me remember who made them though :sad:

    Also, I had purchased some imported mexican lime chili chocolates from starbucks one time - delicious!
  9. I really like Cadbury's Wunderbar, Laura Secord french mint chocolate, Hershey's Special Crisp, and orange-flavoured chocolate (any brand).
  10. i love twix bars, and also those hersheys white chocolate bar with the cookie bits...cookies and creme, i think they're called.
  11. You're talking my language now! I speak FLUENT chocolate! I'm not much into fancy chocolates other than Lindt Hazelnut (if you consider Lindt fancy). I love regular old gas station/drug store/7-11 candy bars. Zero, Toffee Fay, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Heath bars, peanut M&M's, regular M&Ms, Jr. Mints, Goobers, Turtles - the list goes on and on.

    What's really good is to mix Raisinettes into your popcorn bucket at the movies. Messy but GOOOOOOD!
  12. I'm a skittles/starburst girl. :smile:

  13. HAHA "FLUENT CHOCOLATE" if only they offered that as a degree!

  14. Lol!
  15. I was also a fan of Reese's peanut butter cup!!!