sweetneet's not-so-tiny purse closet (start from p. 27)!

  1. I just started getting into the whole designer-purse thing about a month ago (before that, I was a graduate student so I pretty much just wore a backpack everyday). So collection is quite small now, but I hope to add more items as time goes on. :yes: Right now I'm sort of obsessed with Coach. And I would like some LV bags in vernis but that's a bit out of my price range at the moment. :smile:

    i have a Picasa album of my collection at the following link, with info on when/where I bought items, how much they cost, etc.

    IMG_5450b.jpg IMG_5467b.jpg IMG_5470b.jpg IMG_5464b.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing. Great Coach bags.
  3. Niiice! great choices & thanks for sharing!
  4. great start!!!!
  5. Nice!
  6. I love that little black shoulder bag -- a classic!
  7. Great deal on the lovlely black Coach hobo.
  8. Cute bags!
  9. ok, so today I just received a new addition to my (small) handbag collection... a white patent leather Michael Kors hobo bag! :p

    it ordered it online, from michaelkors.com. it was on sale so it was only $164 instead of $218. woo! :woohoo:
  10. cUte collection... with time.. and tpf... it'll probably double by the end of the year... :push: Welcome & cOngrats on your new addition.
  11. Cute patent bags!
  12. Nice collection...congrats on your new bag!
  13. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  14. you are so right!! :yes: i've just gotten a few new additions, some LV pieces in vernis (see pics in my next post). I *never* thought I'd ever ever buy LV (too expensive), but then the next thing I know, here I am carrying over $1k of LV :shame:

    here are some updated pics of my collection. the first few are my 2 pairs of designer sunglasses (i can't believe i paid almost $500 for 2 pairs of SUNGLASSES, but hey, i like them :biggrin:) then there's my Coach bags, my Michael Kors bag, my Maxx New York bags. I will post more pics in my next post!
    sunglass1.jpg sunglass2.jpg coach.jpg michaelkors.jpg maxx_ny.jpg
  15. nice ... thanks for sharing!