"Sweetie Could You Please Hold My Coach Shopping Bag for Me??"

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  1. So, I asked the hubby if he could be so kind to hold my Coach Shopping Bag for me as we walked around the Mall.....:graucho: I couldn't help it...had to do it. :P


  2. That is too funny!!!
  3. Cute Picture!!!
    What a sweet Husband!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. Lol so funny! What a great hubby! What is inside the shopping bag??? :graucho:
  5. haaahaaa! I love it!! Sooo funny! What a great sport!
  6. Love this picture A.... Does he know you posted it? :graucho:

    And do tell... What is in the bag??
  7. Oh haha Nothing new...I had to exchange my Black Gathered Shoulder Bag because I noticed a black gouge on the front logo plate. Hubby thought I was being too picky....but it bothered me.
  8. hehe, you are so sneaky!! So what is in the bag?????
  9. haha, lovin' the pics A! :P
  10. Well..I posted the pics on my FB first from my cell! LOL He was oblivious. Then after 30 minutes walking around the mall..I had to tell him. I kept laughing and he kept asking me "What's so funny?". Then I told him and we were laughing in the middle of a crowd of people. Then some other guy walks by us holding the same exact Coach Shopping Bag (You could tell it was gift because it was all nicely boxed) but he was inspecting/looking at it with an expression like "WTH?! Am I holding??!! " My hubby and I looked at eachother and we laughed even louder! haha :lolots:
  11. :lolots: Too cute!
  12. ^^ I swear you ladies think I don't have any self control or something??!! :nuts: ;) LOL ha ha ha Nah, nothing new..just exchanged my Black Gathered Shoulder for another one since the logo plate had a gouge on it.
  13. Nice, Love it!!! LOL
  14. Now that's true love!
  15. hehehehe!! You n your hubby are so cute!! Bet he's glad you didn't buy another bag today!! :smile: