Sweetface Coat. What do you think? Pic inside...

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    I ordered this coat but in black? What do you all think? yay or nay?
  2. not really my style so i say nay but hey if you like it then by all means go for it!
  3. I think it would look much better in black but, is it to be your everyday coat or just once in awhile? If it was very
    expensive I would say return and get one that is a little simpler.
  4. for once in a while and the price is a little bit over a thousand :sweatdrop:
  5. I like it but if you're not going to use it that often, then you should put money toward something else.
  6. I would feel silly walking about with that big bow on my chest so I say NAY.
  7. I actually really like the bow but the drawstring at the bottom is a bit yech. :sweatdrop: If it wasn't $1000 I'd say get a tailor to cut off the drawstring, but since it was so much money I'd grab something else unless you really adore it and can afford it easily.
  8. I like the bow too but that bit at the bottom which looks like it's off a waterproof is weird
  9. agree about the bottom - and honestly I think this coat will date soon. IMO too expensive, I would get a less 'fashion-based' coat for that money (but then it always depends on the amount of disposable income, kwim?? :smile:!

    if you really love, hey go for it (love the bow!!!!)
  10. Have to agree - love the bow but the bottom doesn't do it for me so its a no for me but as long as you like it that is all that matters
  11. I love it! I always wished I was the kind of girl that could wear ultra-fashionable clothes. I'm conservative in my wardrobe choices, but, gosh, I wish I could pull that off.

    Enjoy it!
  12. Is it $1000 or £1000 if it is $1000 then buy it but if it is £1000 dont cos the price is too steep!
  13. Honestly, it's not my style. I really don't like how it tapers at the bottom. Kinda reminds of camping gear. But I think it would look a lot better in black, so if you like it, go for it.
  14. totally agree.
  15. The price seems too high! I think you could get just as nice if not better for less. The coat is adorable and I like the bow very much, but I am not sure if the bottom part to the coat.