Sweetest gift you ever received???

  1. Since we did a post on the bad gifts how about the nice ones, they can be simple to outrageous......

    I will start with everything my children have made me. The love they put in to these gifts melt my heart. I will never ever get tired of a "I love you Mommy" on a picture.

    My best friend, second Mom to me gives me a stunning piece of jewelry each year for my birthday from her vast collection. What makes this so unique is that she has designed a lot of the pieces herself and they are one of a kind.
    This past year she gave me a gold nugget design engagement ring and band that she made, it has a nice small diamond about 1/2 a carat in it too. It is so different from anything I have ever seen. I am going to get it resized and wear it on my right hand for special occassions. She has also given me and both my children a special piece of artwork from her collection. She wanted the kids to have real art in their rooms and the paintings are stunning.

    Hubby lets me pick out my gifts, so I am happy with that. I really rather get something I want then have him buy me something I hate and feel like I have to use.....

    My sister in law makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and I keep telling her instead of a store bought gift just make me cookies...........
  2. We went to England for our first wedding anniversary. My husband took our favorite pictures of that trip and had a friend of his (who is an artist) arrange them into collage and then paint it. He gave it to me that Christmas. It is a stunning oil painting that hangs in our dining room. The charcoal "practice" sketch is framed and hangs in our bedroom.

    I grew up in Kansas City. Every Christmas, an outdoor shopping area (The Plaza) is entirely lit with Christmas lights. It is a tradition that goes back decades. I miss it...not living there. When my best friend was dating her future husband, he lived in an apt. on The Plaza. One Christmas, she took photographs of a tower on The Plaza lit with Christmas lights. She had it matted and framed and sent it to me. It means so much to me. I hung it in our bedroom, as well...in a place that I see from my side of the bed :heart:
  3. For my 15th or 16th birthday one of my really good friends baked me a cake and brought it into school. It was this beautiful sponge cake with a big bow on the front. It was so unexpected and just so thoughtful of her, I couldn't believe she'd spent all her time making it for me the day before. We raided the canteen to borrow a knife and cut into it in our German lesson, and everyone in the class got a piece.
  4. my best friend made me a scrap book as a present to me because i complained how she made scrap books for EVERYBODY that she didnt even know too well. i didn't expect her to actually do it but it was a pleasant surprise =) and my SO for my first birthday together got me a photo album inscribed with a love message
  5. mmmm cake
  6. The organic diapers that Bart bought for the baby :smile:

    And the diapers that my mom bought for us...IDK, diapers make me happy, lol. I've got boobs, clothes and diapers...all I need is a baby! :biggrin:
  7. Just before I moved from my home country to the US, one of my best friends gave me a small nondescript wooden box that I put away in my purse since I was busy packing for my flight. I completely forgot about it and only remembered it on the plane trip here so I decided to fish it out of my bag. When I opened it, I discovered 30 some odd squares of construction paper that she cut with one of those Fiskars pattern scissors. When I read what was written on each of the squares a torrent of tears just came and wet my eyes so bad the person who sat beside me got worried.

    On each of the squares, my best friend had painstakingly asked 30 of my closest friends (even those she didn't know very well!) write me their goodbye and good luck messages and she put them in this box for me to take on my journey.

    It has been ten years since I left but her gift is one of the most precious ones that I still keep with me to this day. It couldn't have cost her any more than $3.00 for the whole thing but it's just priceless in my eyes.

    Two years ago she had a chance to visit me and stayed at my house. Her face lit up when she saw, in the room that she slept in, the very box that she had given me before I left. That was one very touching moment I'll never forget.
  8. A rose. It was drizzling outside and we had ordered pizza. As I was sitting reading the Sunday newspaper, he walked in with a smile and some raindrops on him. He walked up to me and from behind his back he gave me a little pink rose that had just bloomed. He said he handpicked the prettiest rose just for me. It meant way more than the dozen roses he use to get me.
  9. I have a few....but one my my favorite was when my Dad and I and Dh (then boyfriend) went to NY as we were going to see the triple crown horse race (I went for the shopping)! Anyway, Dad was a big fan of Rolex watches...all my life he had the most beautful watches. Anyway..we were walking around shopping and we went into a jewelry shop and as we were looking around he started to look at the ladies rolex watches...I had one already so I thought nothing of it. Well, he chose one for me and he was SOOOOOO excited about it. It brought tears to my eyes. He loved picking that out for me. Then we we continued to walk around and not long after we went to the LV boutique..it was HUGE and were both excited...he pulled my hand and said lets go sweetie! So we walked in and he went straight to the Mono Noe..(the big one) he was like I love this for you! So he bought that as well...He LOVED this shopping trip...I did to but moreover it was so fun to be with him. He passed a year later and I will NEVER forget the time we had together. I miss him so much...ugh....ok..the memories have brought me to tears..but such precious memories. I loved how excited he got for things I loved! Needless to say I will have both items FOREVER.
  10. My son (16 at the time) gave me a Christmas card. Painstakingly written in the very best writing he could manage. I stood there with tears streaming down my face knowing how difficult it must have been for him. He never, ever writes anything. My sweet boy has an eye disease and the year before had a retinal detachment, lost most of his vision and is legally blind. I received a lot of presents that year but that one was the best of all. :crybaby:

  11. Aww, Dallas, thats so touching :heart:

    The sweetest gift I ever got was from my BF this past Christmas :love: , he ordered these hanging frames and gathered some pictures from our past, (like 2nd grade past) and got them all as black and white, like the default pics that they have as the background when you buy frames... I dont even want to change the pics, theyre so perfect, I cry everytime I see them :crybaby:
  12. My engagement ring. It was totally unexpected and I was completely surprised. I'll never forget how I felt when he gave it to me.
  13. I have a picture that I absolutely love and a friend of mine out of the blue got it enlarged and framed. This was such a sweet thing to do but my DH didn't like the fact that a male friend was giving me gifts (nice gifts that I like)!! It is still one of my favorite gifts though.
  14. A love letter from my husband for our 1st Anniversary.

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. Every year, my Dad carefully scours antique stores between here and Tennessee to to find 1 ring for my birthday, and 2 rings for Christmas. You can tell how much thought he puts into each ring! My rings this year were: a round aquamarine set in the brightest, most stunning yellow gold with 4 diamonds on either side of the setting (because he likes aquamarine on me, and he thought I'd like the shade of the gold), and a very old carnelian cameo of a young lady's face, round, set in an intricate white gold setting (which he was extremely proud of, as the cameo appears black unless you hold it to the light, and he knows I wear a good bit of black clothing!) I cherish each and every ring, the two most special being the one he gave me on my 16th birthday (1920's, white gold, morganite, and diamond dinner ring) and the one he gave three years ago for Christmas (white gold 1920's dinner ring with three aquamarines).

    I wear those two rings every single day, and never take them off unless for cleaning; the one with morganite/diamonds sits just above a small sterling silver band that he made for me at the jewelry class we took together :smile: That one has been on so long now, that the only person that has ever successfully removed it was my manicurist, who, after 10 minutes of massaging my hands, managed to get it off...only to laugh when I put it right back on :p