Sweet: TEAL mini twiggy - BIN $699

  1. So cute, and a great color!
  2. omg..i WANT!!

    why can't i live in the US or canada anymore?? WHY!!
  3. I know girls is so cute and the leather amazing !but i have to let it go:crybaby: sometimes you have to....

  4. Ohhh lovelv .... you're the seller ?? OMG .... I'm so sorry you've to let it go :crybaby: - it's such a beautie, soooo yummy :yahoo: . . . but I understand your situation too ! Good luck with your sale :flowers:
  5. Thank you firstclass, is really a beauty, leather and color! i hope is going to a lovely home:yes:
  6. omg omg...the more i look at the auction, the more i want to bid!! ahhh!!

  7. Go for it toilet.... :yes: - it's a really hard to find beautie :nuts: !! Good luck :flowers:
  8. if i were not waiting for blue india, i would snatch this.
  9. haha! you called me toilet! :lol:

    i so would bid on it but since i moved to hong kong, i no longer have a paypal account. :crybaby:
  10. Ended with no bids but relisted so I snagged it!!! thanks chloesmygirl?
  11. or lovey? thanks so much for the relist. Can't wait
  12. :yahoo: i am happy the bag went to a tpfer:yahoo: is really a cute and beautiful bag, enjoy it.
  13. WOW ... CONGRATS to the seller lovelv and the lucky new mommy rocco :flowers: :flowers: great deal - can't wait to see pics on you rocco ;)

    Ohh toiletduck - - - I'm so sorry to called you ..... :shame: :wtf:
  14. congrats rocco!!

    i was thisclose to convincing my mum about this bag...:sad:

    next time. lovelv is a dream to deal with tho..she's very patient and great at answering emails. congrats again both lovelv and rocco!!