sweet sweet cinnamon... come take a look!

  1. She's here!!:nuts: I have been waiting so impatiently, refreshing DHL every 10 seconds. I managed to luck out last week and snag her off of BlueFly. I am so in love!:heart: The leather is incredible, I don't have one this chewy... I swear it looks like a pan of fresh brownies. I can't wait to break her in! Have I mentioned I'm in love?!:love:

    cinnamon day 1.jpg

    cinnamon day 2.jpg

    cinnamon day 3.jpg
  2. WOW I can't wait to see that beauty in a couple of months all broken in an slouchy. It's going to be more stunning than it already is!! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!!!:drool:
  3. YUMMY!!! congrats and yes, a big ol' bag of brownies is the perfect description - enjoy!!
  4. that bag is absolutely gorgeous!! nice choice.. congrats!!
  5. congratulations on your thick, chewy brownie day! i love the Day bag sheerly because it's an excuse to have a ton of Balenciaga leather in your hands! enjoy her in good health
  6. Ahhh you got your bag! Congrats, that was such a good buy!
  7. Aww thanks Powderpuff, Nicole, Galex, Blue & Jade! I love how this group understands the craziness ;)

    Jade- yup! I got it!! it was a great buy! I also got the $30 off for new customer discount... I've never gotten such a good deal!
  8. Congrats.:yahoo: You got a yummy one there.:drool:
  9. Mmmmm, delish!!!!!! It's beautiful! Congrats!
  10. congrats! I looove mogano- if I didn't have my mogano city, I'd def be on the hunt for a mogano day. I've yet to see a mogano that didn't have tdf leather!
  11. Your Cinnamon has such beautiful leather! Congratulations!!
  12. your collection is growing quickly...Congrats on such a yummy bag!
  13. I have a cinnamon city and she is chewy like yours. I hope you enjoy your new bag as much as I have mine.
  14. oh G Ooooo D.. Wonderful!!!:heart: The leather is STUNNING:drool:...a dream!!:shame: congrats!
  15. Thanks guys! I keep petting it ;)

    Thanks!! I know! Good news though, done til March :p. It's kinda funny, in June I realized I had 44 Kate Spade bags and only used one and was totally sick of the others. So I kept that one and sold off all of the rest of them! Instant funds! I decided to "re-invest" the money, I never thought I could afford a bBag until I realized I needed to quit buying the less expensive ones because they add up. I'm totally done rambling. ;) Now I'm going to just drool over everyone elses for a couple of months!