Sweet surprise for me!


Mar 14, 2006
Okay, I know everyone is sick of hearing Miroir stories but just had to share this one with you.:shame:

I wailisted for the Silver Speedy and Gold Papillon, some of you may know that I didnt get the Gold Papillon (even though I was 4th on the list....:crybaby:) but my SA called to tell me that I was CONFIRMED for a Silver Speedy.

And confirmed I was... so today I got a call from the Boutique but the SA was looking for hubby instead of me and I asked why, turns out he had secretly waitlisted a Silver Speedy for me 2mths back and it was ready for pickup on Friday!

So now, I am stuck with 2 S.Speedies but no gold papillon.... but I never thought that hubby being the PHH would do something like that! *Even though I wished he'd waitlisted the Gold Papillon instead... :P*

Anyway, just wanted to share! I'll post *Echoes of Pfers "What? Again?!"* pics of my Miroir tmr!

Thanks for listening! :P