Sweet Sixteen gift

  1. Need some advice, ladies.

    I'm getting my stepdaughter the mono accessories pochette for her sweet sixteen. I want to get something small to go with it like the matching cles or the little round change purse (I forget its name).

    What would you get to go with the pochette? One of those, or something else? These will be her first LV's.

    I'd like to keep the total between $500 and $550.

    Thanks for any ideas. :idea:
  2. With the mono pochette, I'd say get her the mono cles to match!! I don't feel the porte monnaie ronde (that round change purse you're talking about :yes:) is as versatile and useful.

    She is one lucky girl!!
  3. Wow I never got a great gift like that!!! In fact remember 16 candles..the part where no one remembers her birthday??? That happened on my 12th b day very sad...

    ETA: She is onevery lucky girl what a great gift idea!
  4. The cles goes really well with the pochette :yes:

    Both very cute and useful!
  5. My youngest daughter is 16. You are a wonderful stepmom! I agree, get the regular cles, not the round one. She can put a little money in it, clip it to her jeans, and go to the movies and things and not always have to have a purse with her. When she drives, she can put a little money, her license, and go - she will love it. She's going to love the Pochette too! I got my daughter her first real LV at Christmas last year (the mini looping) - she loves it and is very careful with it.

    Your stepdaughter is going to be SO excited!
  6. what a great idea! lucky girl!
  7. Mini pochette, the gold chain makes it look like a little evening bag & it makes a pretty good "wallet" for the PA.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions, sounds like it's a landslide vote for the cles.

    She is a wonderful kid who is very into fashion - but not in a spoiled way. I know she'll love it and she'll be floored to get such a nice gift. The kid really appreciates whatever you do for her. Her birthday isn't until March, but I may buy it soon as I'm so excited to get it for her. :smile:
  9. Oh that little bag is so cute too. I forgot about that one ...
  10. wow! im so happy for ur stepdaughter!! im sure she will be so excited to see it!
  11. Aww how sweet! Do you think she'd like the Groom cles? It'd be really cute..unless she wouldn't like the little guy on it hehe. But no matter what, I'd go with a cles of some kind..that's the most useful accessory, IMO.
  12. get her the grrom cles with it it will be so cute
  13. I asked my daughter about the groom cles; she didn't like it at all - maybe you have to be older and appreciate the history - she said it looked too masculine. I would go with the traditional.
  14. Okay...I just asked a very chic (at least in her mind:angel: :lol: ) soon to be 16-year old what she'd want from LV and she said a pochette accessories and a wapity case. She says, "It's like getting too bags!" :rolleyes: HTH.:lol: