Sweet shoes and ON SALE!

  1. Just got back from Vegas. Scored HUGE at the outlets but also scored at Caesar's Forum Shop's Coach boutique.

    I got FOUR pair of these shoes (one for me and each of my three teen daughters). The youngest and oldest both wanted the brown so I only threw one in the photo. Middle daughter got the black and I got the white. They are the Katelyn style.

    SO COMFY and only $48!!
  2. Im so jealous. You got a great bargain!
    Everytime i go to purchase a pair my husband complains how "ugly" they are and talks me out of it.
  3. good job, i got in on the same deal!

  4. Don't listen to your husband:graucho: Your feet will love you for it!:lol:
  5. GRR!! Those are so cute, and I wanted a pair, but I waited too long and my store doesn't have them. :sad: :sad: :sad:
  6. Congrats, I have the black ones but unlike LUCKY YOU, I had to pay full price....great deal!
  7. Wow you got it at this price at a regular store? That's great! I should go check out the stores here and see if they have it.
  8. Got my BF a pair so with the 25% off from last week they were $36.
  9. awesome! great price, and i like your pair the most! lol
  10. I'm so jealous. I've been dying for the khaki/white sneakers forEVER! Awesome price too.